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Dragon have always been a company to push the boundaries, question what technology is being used in goggles and what technology can be used to make goggles the best they can be. Last year they bought out Transitions into the X1. This was really exciting for anyone who doesn't like changing lenses. So many brands are focused on making changing lenses easy, and it really is ridiculously simple (see the Dragon NFX2) but there are still people who don’t want to carry an extra lens or worry about it at all. One Pair of goggles with one lens for ALL conditions. Goggles This year they have pre-released 2 new 2017 colours into the range. A black and clear pair and another with flux Pink and black lens. For your chance to win a pair of new 2017 pre-release goggles head to @rhythmsnowsports on instagram. (Competition ended Friday 9th September 2016) The Techie stuff: Why Transitions? Dragon Transitions adapt instantly with lenses that automatically adjust tints in response to changing light & weather conditions. The lenses are color optimized to help enhance contrast and increase depth perception, giving you a clear visual advantage. See better and stay on the hill longer, in all conditions. How does it work? Photochromic dye cells embedded in the Transitions lens allow it to automatically darken & lighten in response to UV light rays (not just sunshine). The Transitions photochromic technology becomes an integral part of the lens through one of two specialised processes. One process is called imbibing. Derived from the Latin word imbibere meaning, to drink in, this method uses heat to draw the photochromic dye into the lens itself. After the imbibing is complete, a scratch-resistant coating is applied to the surface of the lens. A number of lens materials do not imbibe readily. In these cases another method called Trans-Bonding™ is used. Where imbibing places the photochromic technology below the lens surface, the patented Trans-Bonding puts the photochromic technology on the lens surface. Dragon develop and adapt their processes for optimum photochromic performance, lens durability and compatibility with other lens treatments like anti-reflective coating. When the lens changes between tints it is so seamless you probably won’t even notice it changing while you’re wearing the goggles. Why Dragon? Dragon are a trusted name not only in goggles but in all eyewear. They really are made by riders for riders. All Dragon goggles come with a 2 year warranty. Rhythm Review: I was first given a pair of the Dragon Transitions last season (2015) to borrow so I could see how they work because I was a total sceptic. After using them once I begged to keep them. They were perfect. I first used them on a day where it started off sunny without a cloud in the sky it then turned in the afternoon and they lived up to their reputation. Normally, where I would have changed lenses (or to be honest just changed goggles) I didn’t need to at all. I ended up using them all last season and again in the Northern Hemisphere’s season in Canada during a miserable few days. My only minor issue was that they only came in one colour with one strap, but that has now been changed with more colours available, with the lens technology the same it’s really exciting that they were able to bring out more colours. I highly recommend these goggles, and I’m not going mine back! For anyone who hasn’t seen these in action, check out Dragon’s video below. If you are still curious you can come in store and see the lens change. For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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