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Discover the largest range of snowboards at Australia's favourite snowboard store, Rhythm Snowsports! 

Our snowboard shop stocks all the best brands in the industry such as Burton, Bataleon, Jones, YES, Rome, GNU, Endeavor, Capita, Slash and many more! Whether you’re carving it up in the resort, riding the pow in the backcountry or jibbing the rails in the park, browse our snowboards online - filter by board type, brand, gender, season, camber shape and more.

There are so many types of snowboards to choose from these days, from crazy fish-shaped directional boards to your more familiar twin-tip snowboards and this can make finding the right board an overwhelming task. Whether you're looking to buy an All-Mountain board, or something more specialised for the park, powder, free riding or the backcountry, you’ll be able to find your new ride at Rhythm Snowsports. Our team of experienced snowboarders are here to answer your questions and provide recommendations as needed, by email, phone and in-store - no matter your question, our experts are happy to help!

If you’re heading to the store, during the winter months we offer a try-before-you-buy service, where you can take one of our demo snowboards out before you commit to purchase. This allows you to work out if the snowboard is the right one for you. If not, come in and swap for another the next day till you find your perfect setup. We’ll even deduct up to two days of hire from a full-priced board purchase!

All snowboards for sale online can be shipped Australia-wide or, if you’re hitting the snow in Perisher or Thredbo, you can even Click & Collect on your way up the hill! ZIP Pay and AfterPay are available for all purchases.

Wax For Life

We know that a snowboard can be a big investment and, because we believe in quality snowboards that ride well season after season, we offer “waxing for life” on any snowboard purchased at Rhythm. Simply pop into our workshop and we’ll have you sliding smoothly with our Future Wax technology!


Is it better to buy or hire a snowboard?

There are many contributing factors when it comes to the question of should I rent or buy a snowboard, and there are plenty of pros and cons for both sides. 

One of the main things to consider is cost. It is much cheaper to rent a board in the short-term however, if you go snowboarding 5 times over a season, it may end up being better to buy. Having your own snowboard will mean you know what to expect each time you ride, and don’t need to spend time getting used to a different set-up or in the rental queue.

If you would like to rent a board, head over to our rental page to find out more. We also have a great range of demo boards if you are looking to try before you buy.

What are the types of snowboards?

Snowboards come in all shapes, sizes, materials, flexes and constructions. The four main categories are: All Mountain, Freestyle/Park, Freeride and Powder. The type of riding you enjoy best will determine the type of snowboard you buy. 

All-Mountain: Perfect if you’re cruising around the resort and hitting the occasional feature. All-Mountain boards are ideal "daily drivers" - ready to handle all different types of snow conditions you'll find in Australia and overseas. Often featuring a longer nose than tail, these boards are versatile enough to carve on groomers, plough through spring slush, and keep you a bit more buoyant on the fresh stuff!

Park/ Freestyle: Jibbing rails and hitting the terrain park jumps? A freestyle/park board will be your weapon of choice. The majority of park boards are "true twin" construction, meaning the board is perfectly symmetrical from nose to tail. This twin shape means the board will have the same feel and response when riding forward and switch. Park boards also aim to minimise weight while maximising maneuverability and pop, complimenting a park rat's more nimble and playful approach to the mountain. 

Freeride: Feeling adventurous and leaving the groomed runs and want something for hard carving and steep slopes? A freeride board might be the one for you! Generally featuring a stiffer construction, these boards are intended to handle higher speeds and blast through more untamed snow conditions. When buying a freeride board, riders sometimes - but not always! - increase the size of their board to handle this more technical style of riding. 

Powder: Riding after a decent dump of snow or hitting the backcountry, you'll want to get yourself a Powder snowboard. Powder boards boast some of the most unique shapes in the industry! You might see some long fish tails and wide, fat noses all intended to keep you floating and flowing for the deep days. If you’re touring deep in the backcountry you will want to try out a Splitboard

Undecided on whats best for you? Chat to one of our staff today!

How long will a snowboard last?

How long your board will last depends heavily on how much use it gets and how well it’s cared for. A board that is only used once or twice a season for a week of snow will last for 10+ years whereas a board that’s used for five or six times a year will last for a shorter period. 

However, with good maintenance, regular waxing and not too many big hits (from early season rocks or skiers in the lift line!), you’ll be looking at 100-150 days of riding for your board.  Treat your board with care, and it'll treat you kindly back!

How do I know what size of snowboard to get?

There are five key factors that will determine what board size is best for you:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shoe size
  • Experience level
  • Type of board/ what you’re planning to do with your board

The best thing to do is to head to a store or speak to a snowboard expert, like a member of our team at Rhythm Snowsports, who will be able to point you in the right direction. Trying out different sizes of board will also help you to find a good fit.

Get in touch with the Rhythm Snowboard shop team today for some recommendations. 

What are the best snowboard brands?

Every snowboarder will have their go-to snowboard brand. This typically depends on the type of snowboard, cost, construction preferences and top sheet styles. At Rhythm Snowsports, all of our snowboard shop staff are dedicated snowboarders who test and try the brands and styles we have to offer. We only stock brands we truly believe are the best in the industry. From the most popular well known brands such as Burton, GNU and Jones to smaller unique snowboard brands such as Korua, Vimana and Wired. We truly believe that the brands we stock are the best snowboards in the business and will give you an unforgettable experience on the mountain.

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