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Drink Bottles / Water Bottles / Hydration Accessories

Drink Bottles / Water Bottles / Hydration Accessories

Save the planet with our huge range of premium, hardy drink bottles and accessories from brands such as Hyrdoflask, Camelbak, Yeti water bottles and more. Nothing is more important than staying hydrated while doing your favourite sports!

We stock insulated drink bottles, stainless steel drink bottles, drink bottles with straws, hydration packs, replacement hydration bladders, tubes and valves and so much more.

Hydroflask makes great, insulated, travel-friendly drinkware and food storage. These amazing drink bottles keep your food and drink hot or cold all day long! Our staff love Hydroflask! 


 WHAT ARE THE BEST DRINK BOTTLES? We believe any reusable drink bottle is the best drink bottle! Did you know the world goes through almost 1.5 billion plastic bottles a day!? That's 1 million bottles per minute! lots of these bottles then end up in landfills or worse, in the ocean. 91% of all plastic doesn't end up getting recycled. This is detrimental to the environment and every little thing you can do counts! So get yourself a reusable drink bottle and do your part!

WHAT ARE VACUUM-SEALED/THERMAL INSULATED DRINK BOTTLES? Vacuum sealed or thermally insulated drink bottles keep liquids hot or cold for long periods. Basically, you can think of these bottles as a water bottle holding another bottle inside it but is separated by a pressure seal with a supporting base at the bottom. This vacuum seal keeps liquids hot by not allowing any heat to escape through the layers and also keeps liquids cold by not allowing heat to enter the inner bottle. These are great for hiking as they keep your water cold and your coffee warm for the top!

WHAT TYPE OF WATER BOTTLE IS THE HEALTHIEST? Anything that does not contain PET or BPA (single-use plastic bottles)  There is so much to choose from- Stainless Steel, glass, BPA free hard plastic bottles, aluminium. These are all safe and most importantly sustainable drink bottles!

WHAT IS THE BEST DRINK BOTTLE FOR ME? From a sustainability standpoint, no one material is better than the other. Anything reusable is 1 million single-use plastic bottles a minute better. Lifestyle is the main consideration when it comes to choosing a water bottle, how much weight you can carry (if taking on hikes etc) and if having something like glass might be a bit too risky for breakages. 

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