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2024 / 2025 sEASON

We’re stoked to be offering pre-orders on the new season’s snowboards and gear from the best brands; find 2025 Burton, CAPiTA, Jones and more boards online today. With early access your new board will be ready and waiting for you to hit the snow when it arrives. Our in-house workshop can also expertly mount your board for you and, remember, if you buy a board through Rhythm, we’ll wax it for you for life for free!

Our Top Selects for the 2025 Range of Snowboards

With all this overseas travel flooding our feeds, we are getting excited about snow, our 2025 boards now becoming available for pre-order! One of our resident snowboard frothers, Bri, has picked out the new season snowboards that she has demoed from our fleet. Bri hails from the U S of A and has travelled extensively with loads of time on the mountain under her belt and a wealth of knowledge on products.

Meet your all-mountain unicorn:
Amplid’s 2025 Singular (Directional)

New to Rhythm Snowboardshop for 2024 is Amplid’s Swiss army knife of a snowboard, the Singular. The Singular is designed to be the one-board-in-your-boot weapon. This is a big promise by Amplid, but they’ve got the tech and reputation to back it up. An earlier-rise reverse camber at the nose means the board is ready to float on softer days, a more mellow traditional camber between the feet means stability and edge hold at speed.

Need pop? Carbon rods. Dampening? Integrated Viscodamp tech. Huck? Reduced swing weight at the nose and tail. Amplid has done. their. research. on matching board width to board length, so the unisex sizing (149cm - 162cm available in-store) is not an equality afterthought, it’s in the R&D.

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2025 Singular Snowboard

Unleash your versatility and progression:
2025 Womens Capita Paradise

If you’re after a softer snowboard that doesn’t compromise pop or response as you rip across the hill, the Capita Paradise (or Outerspace Living in the men’s line) is your all-mountain, all-stoke option. 

The Paradise has Capita’s Resort V3 camber profile, one of the most popular hybrid cambers you’ll find in-store. 

Reverse camber at the tip and tail, positive camber between the inserts, and a medium-soft flex, the Paradise is freestyle-friendly and all-mountain ready. 

Keeping versatility in mind, It has a mix of sintered and extruded base so you get the performance of sintered technology with the durability and repairability of an extruded base. This is a board that is absolutely suitable for a rider looking to invest in a quality, easier-to-maneuver snowboard, but also for strong intermediate riders that want to move away from an aggressively stiff deck.

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2025 Paradise Snowboard - Womens

Make turning rad again:
2025 Nitro Optisym

Get involved before they’re all gone! The Nitro Optisym doesn’t spend much time in-store, and it’s for good reason. The true twin, park-oriented Optisym is featured in Nitro’s women’s and men’s snowboard lines. What makes this board stand out is its asymmetrical sidecut radius. 

The sidecut balances out the asymmetry in our bodies: it’s easier to transfer weight and pressure onto our toes than it is onto our heels. To compensate, Nitro’s cut a tighter turn radius on the heel edge than the toe edge. This results in a really fun, responsive turning experience. It’s poppy, it’s light, staff shredder Emma frothed this board all season, and you’d be adding a carbon-neutral product to your cart with the Nitro Optisym.

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2025 Optisym Snowboard

Swim aside, OrcA:
LibTech’s 2025 Rasman is here to slay.

One of the most exciting powder and big-mountain boards coming to store this year is the 2025 Rasman. Boasting a unique mix of a stiffer board (7/10) with a cheeky reverse camber between the feet, the Rasman is designed by the King of Canadian backcountry himself. 

The unique camber profile of the Rasman makes this board a true overachiever in variable conditions. The longer camber underneath the inserts increases edge-to-edge board control, while a very short rocker in the middle of the board makes it nimble in tighter spots. 

The Rasman snowboard will float in powder with its tapered shape and slightly larger nose, and will hold an edge on the cruddy stuff with LibTech’s signature Magnetraction technology. As the 2024 Natural Selection Tour approaches, fire up that stoke, get out the popcorn, and watch the Rasman work his magic.

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2025 Rasman Snowboard

Do believe the hype: DOA IS BACK, BABY!
2025 Capita Defenders of Awesome

Our best-selling board is flying back to the racks this May. The Capita Defenders of Awesome (Birds of a Feather in the women’s line) is one of the most sought-after boards for all-resort riding, and with darn good reason. 

Featuring a P2 Superlight Core and carbon fibre boosters along the length of the board, the D.O.A. inspires playful, creative, and explosive riding from the piste to the park. Capita has laid it all on the table with their hybrid camber: the DOA tip to tail goes from reverse to flat camber underfoot, positive between the feet then perfectly mirroring that profile towards the tail of the board. What you get is a board that won’t punish you for under-rotating off jumps, but won’t let you down when holding an edge across the slopes.

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2025 Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard

Give the Groms the best:

2025 Nitro Kids Future Team Snowboard

Finding a well-balanced snowboard for the up-and-comers can be a bit of a task. The 2025 Future Team Snowboard takes the needs of younger riders into account, blending the cam-out-camber featured in Nitro’s adult snowboard line with a softer, youth-appropriate flex. 

There are no sacrifices in the technology for this all-mountain ripper. A full poplar core makes for a springy and lightweight board, while Nitro’s all-mountain flex promises a torsionally and longitudinally (twist and pop) responsive ride. As a bonus, the mid-wide shape accommodates a range of foot sizes, even as rider weight hasn’t caught up yet. It’s not for first time riders, but perfect for lifetime riders.

If you need more specific advice or would like to chat through your decision with an expert, get in contact with our awesome team or pop by our store in Cooma. 

We have heaps more tips on your Snow Gear across our socials too.
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