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Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Discover why mountain bikes are the most popular type of bicycle sold in Australia with Rhythm Snowsports! We stock mens, womens and kids bikes and accessories to get you out and about. 

Mountain bikes are designed with durability in mind, as they are pushed to their limits whilst off-road. Here at Rhythm Snowsports we have a great range of all types of mountain bikes online, along with our favourite road bikes for sale. We are sure to have something suited to your riding style and ability level. 

Our hardtail mountain bikes feature from suspension forks with a triangle solid rear making hardtail mountain bikes great value for money compared to other mountain bikes and require less maintenance. 

Dual Suspension mountain bikes on the other hand feature suspension forks at the front and rear of the bike, making these mountain bikes more suited to riders who are looking to adventure on downhill trails or more difficult terrain. The extra suspension allows the bike to absorb the impact of these rocky, unsealed tracks. Allowing for a smoother ride, better traction and quicker braking performance. 

E-bikes or Electric bikes are becoming very popular in the bike world. Browse our range of E-bikes online! Our E-bikes for sale are from industry leading brands such as Trek and Kona. E-bikes are essentially a normal bikes but with a small motor to assiast with pedaling when you need it. This allows for longer rides with less effort. E-bikes are more expensive, heavier and require more maintenance than your average mountain bike, however, ask any owner of an E-bike and they will agree that its all completely worth it! Whether you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for your commute to work or need that extra help when pedaling uphill on the local trails, an E-bike could be perfect for you!

Looking for a bike to increase your fitness or for commuting? Discover our range of road bikes! Their lightweight frames and narrow, high pressure tyres make them perfect for going the distance. If your riding socially or something more serious like races, our Trek road bikes will get you out there! 

Discover our range of kids mountain bikes online! Whether your little one is looking for their very first bike or they have grown out of their old set of wheels, let us help you find the perfect bike for them! Trek kids mountain bikes are scaled down to fit smaller humans. Comfort and safety should be a priority when choosing your little ones new bike. Browse our range of kids bikes for sale using the filter on the left hand side. 

Last but not least, browse our range of 'Townie' cruiser bikes. Get around town in style, our townie e-bikes makes riding an absolute breeze. Our Trek and Kona cruiser townie bikes are for you if you are looking for a fun, quality bike that is both comfortable and stylish. Discover our townie bikes for sale today!

Need assistance with selecting a new bike? Give our shop a call today and speak to our friendly staff. 

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