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best ski & snowboard helmets for 2024

stay protected on the snow

In the past, ski and snowboard helmets were something your parents made you wear, and you absolutely wouldn’t choose for yourself. That’s not the case now, though. With advances in technology and design, the right helmet will look awesome, keep you warm and, most importantly, help keep you safe should the worst happen. Our head of helmets & eyewear, Mimi, has delved into the best helmets for this year and answered some of your key questions too.

Best helmet for beginners:
giro ledge mips helmet


Sale Off
Ledge MIPS Helmet

  • Quite simply: Solid protection, looks good and won’t break the bank
  • MIPS technology is a great advantage to have too

Best helmet for backcountry
Salomon mtn lab


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MTN Lab Helmet

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Top-class ventilation but also features a 100% natural merino liner
  • Salomon's patented EPS4D technology maximises energy absorption and protects from oblique and vertical shocks

best all rounder helmet
mens & womens

giro avera helmet


Sale Off
Avera MIPS Helmet - Womens

  • These are two of our most popular helmets for very good reason - they look epic and they feel even better
  • Super comfortable, lightweight and has great ventilation
  • Adjustable boa at the back to custom-fit
  • Great value for money - you’re getting a lot of helmet here

Best helmet with in-built visor: 


  • Really sleek integration and outstanding visibility
  • EPS 4D technology
  • Good price point

The sleek, integrated visor feels like a pair of wide field of vision high-tech goggles, while Salomon’s 360° fit adjustment technology and premium safety features keep your head comfortable and safe.


Sale Off
Driver Pro Sigma MIPS Helmet

best helmet for kids:
salomon grom visor

  • In-built visors have been a massive hit with kids and parents
  • We often find groms don’t like the fit of goggles and struggle to get comfortable - the visor solves this, and there’s no more lost goggles or sunnies either!

The perfect combination of protection and style for the mini shredders out there! With a visor that's easy to flip up and down, your little groms can go from bombing down the hill to sipping hot cocoa in no time


Sale Off
Grom Visor Helmet - Kids

Tips on picking the right helmet.

Are ski and snowboard helmets different?

No - in short, ski and snowboard helmets are the same. You might see models specifically called ski helmet or snowboard helmet but they will be suitable for wearing whatever your chosen weapon is.

What is MIPS?

MIPS stands for multi-directional impact protection system.

It is a low-friction layer inside a snow helmet that allows a multi-directional movement of 10-15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to help reduce rotational force to the head. Rotational motion is a common cause of concussion and more severe brain injury in oblique hits (to the head).

MIPS is now common in many helmets, including ski, snowboard, bike etc.

Any other tech to note?

We haven’t seen any major new tech released in the past 12 months but there have been lots of incremental improvements and new helmets released. We recommend looking out for:

The Sweet Protection 2Vi® helmet technology

It has three crucial elements: a new shell technology with variable elasticity, an EPS shock-absorbing structure with multiple densities and a unique 2-layer Mips safety system to reduce harmful rotational forces from certain impacts that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head. The new 2-layer Mips system also provides unparalleled comfort out of the box.

Giro’s Spherical Mips

The unique ball and socket design of Spherical Technology utilises two separate liners to help manage impact forces. The material and density of the inner and outer liners can be optimised with progressive layering to help manage a broad range of impact forces. When you combine the benefits of progressive layering with the market-leading MIPS brain protection system, designed to help redirect rotational motion away from the brain you get more comprehensive protection.

How should your helmet fit?

Ensuring you buy a helmet that fits you correctly is critical. If you’re not sure, head to a shop that will be more than happy to help and it’s the best way to make sure you’re properly protected.

Ski and snowboard helmets that fit properly will lay flush to the head while feeling snug but comfortable. Helmets that fit improperly will move independently of the head during wear; yet helmets that fit correctly move in unison with the head, even while unbuckled and unadjusted.

Should I get a helmet with an inbuilt visor?

Visors were released in 2023. They are an all-in-one package, essentially a helmet and goggles combined, giving you a seamless, sleek look. You also won’t have to worry about having a so-called “punters gap” or losing your goggles!

If you wear glasses under your goggles, an in-built visor is more than worth a look, as they are known to fit more comfortably over glasses. There’s typically good ventilation, too, preventing fogging up that you sometimes get with a standard goggle set-up.

In-built visors have also been super popular for kids since being released. Quite a few groms don’t like wearing goggles around their face, finding the pressure uncomfortable or the fit not quite right for their face, so they find the visor more comfortable.

Value-wise they also work out favourably as you won’t be purchasing goggles and a helmet separately. As you’d expect, they’re typically a little more expensive than a helmet on its own.

If you need more specific advice or would like to chat through your decision with an expert, get in contact with our awesome team or pop by our store in Cooma. 

We have heaps more tips on your Snow Gear across our socials too.
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