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Bags - Backpacks

Bags - Backpacks

Looking to buy a backpack to hit the slopes with? We stock bags from Burton, Dakine, Camelbak, Osprey and more of the best brands so that you can keep your belongings safe & dry in the snow. 

Whether you need a small waterproof bag to carry the essentials or an innovative insulated rucksack for a group trip, discover our range of ski & snowboard backpacks for men, women & kids!

What size backpack is best for skiing or snowboarding?

The ideal bag size differs from person to person and will depend on what you’re looking to take up the mountain with you.

For a busy day on the slopes where you’re taking food, water & a spare layer or two, a 10 to 20 litre bag will work well.

If you’re heading out for longer or need to carry safety gear with you, such as for the backcountry, go for a slightly bigger size. Our team recommends a 30+ litre bag if you’re exploring off-piste and we also stock a range of overnight-sized rucksacks for your backcountry adventures.

Do you need to wear a backpack while skiing/ snowboarding?

No, wearing a backpack or rucksack to ski or snowboard is totally optional and down to your personal preference. Depending on what you like to carry with you, you may be able to fit everything into the pocket of your snow jacket/ pants

Experienced riders who are ready for a packed day on the slopes may choose a hydration pack so that they can go for long periods without stopping. 

However, if you’re new to the sport, it’s often best not to take too much with you up the slopes as you’re likely to fall over a fair bit and don’t want to damage your belongings! If your bag is too big, it may also affect your balance so bear this in mind when choosing.

Are mens & womens backpacks different?

While some bags are unisex, there are specific women’s ski & snowboard backpacks available too. These are designed for a closer fit and tend to be slightly shorter and narrower than men’s bags. 

Men’s backpacks are often referred to as unisex. Due to advances in technology and testing, many bags are now truly unisex and can be adjusted to fit a man or a woman.

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