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Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain Bike Gloves

Protect yourself while riding with best-in-class cycling helmets from Rhythm Snowsports. We specialise in mountain bike protection to keep you safe on the trails and stock all of the top brands including Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Giro, Bontrager & more. This includes trail, open face and full-face mountain bike helmets for men, women & kids.

Discover the best mens, womens and kids MTB gloves from industry-leading brands such as Dharco, Dakine and Sendy! Whether you’re looking for extra grip on your handlebars, something to keep your hands warm, or a bit more protection, we have you covered with our top-class range of mountain bike gloves. We stock fingerless and full gloves in a wide range of designs and sizes for you to choose from.

Do you need to wear gloves for mountain biking?
No, some riders prefer to ride without gloves, it’s all down to personal preference and the conditions that you’re riding in. MTB gloves help to protect your hands and are particularly useful in wet or cold conditions.

What are gel MTB gloves?
Gel MTB gloves have gel pads at the contact points with your handlebars. Gel MTB gloves are useful if you’re heading on a longer ride or on particularly rough terrain.

What to look for when buying mountain bike gloves?
Buying mountain bike gloves can be a tricky process! There are lots of options and brands on the market so it can take a while to find your perfect pair. The top things to consider are:

  • Fit - the most important factor is making sure you have the right size of glove. It should fit snuggly without being too tight
  • Grip - make sure the gloves you go for provide enough grip, even in the wet
  • Material - most gloves will be quick drying and breathable. This is essential for a day on the trails
  • Padding - think about your handlebars and how much riding you will be doing. You will have an idea from your previous rides if you need extra padding from your gloves, and you may even wish to consider gel gloves if you’re prone to sore or stiff hands

Once you’ve sorted the functional factors you can move on to style and check out the awesome range of colours and prints available!

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