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You've purchased your product, you're excited to use it but something's not right... Crumbs!   We are here to help.

We will do everything we can to ensure a faulty item is handled as quickly as possible. Information like description of issue, receipt, photos or the product make your warranty process as fast as possible.

We will try replace the item on the spot in store or look to replace with a similar item where possible. Some brands have strict warranty terms, however we are working hard with suppliers so you with confidence in our products and a fast turn around on claims.

If you think you have a warranty claim please email warranties@rhythm.net.au

After contacting us you we will provide you with a warranty form, fill it out and post with your faulty item through our returns process

More information on your rights as a consumer - ACCC Consumer Rights Website

Assessing a warranty

Rhythm Pty Ltd will initially assess the faulty item(s) as soon as possible and determine if it can be processed and completed in store right away or if the item is to be sent to the manufacturer for assessment dependant on the manufacturers return policy.

When it's not a warranty

Rhythm Pty Ltd reserves the right not to offer a repair, refund or exchange where the item fault is as a result of misuse or neglect.

Some of the things that are not covered under warranty include:

  • Normal wear resulting from standard usage that occurs from sporting and other equipment. (chipped topsheet from crossing skis, sun faded topsheet, faded Jackets, tears not loacted on seams).
  • Damage resulting from contact with objects such as lens scratches, ripped material, chips in skis, fogging from lens anti-fog being touched.
  • Damage to product resulting from improper care or unnecessary roughness. (jamming tip/tail into snow, product flying off of roof racks, etc).
  • Parts, hardware, accessories that were lost or have gone missing after your purchase.

When the warranty must be sent to the manufacturer

If Rhythm deems it necessary to send the item(s) to the manufacturer, the turn around can take 6-8 weeks for the item to be posted assessed repaired or replaced. Rhythm has no control over warranty periods exceeding this time. It is up to the manufacturer to decide if the item is to be repaired, replaced or refunded. Each manufacturer has different warranty periods or service standards for faulty items, we have no control over the repairs or assessment process for warranty issues. In most cases, products returned in used condition will be repaired instead of replaced and will not be refunded unless repair is impossible. The customer can not decide what action is to be taken.

In cases where you have returned goods directly to the manufacturer, Rhythm cannot be held accountable for repair periods, postage or communication from the manufacturer. 

Any items returned outside of the warranty period will generally incur a charge for the repair. For more information on your products warranty, please contact the brand directly..