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Bike Shorts & Pants

Bike Shorts & Pants

Looking for top-quality cycling shorts at great prices? We’re proud to stock a huge selection from Norman MTB, Fox, Dharco and more of the best brands in the business. Discover our range of MTB pants and shorts for men, women and kids, with lots of different styles, colours and fits to choose from.

Are MTB shorts padded?
Most MTB shorts are not padded and are instead designed to be worn with padded chamois or underwear. This is different to road bike or triathlon shorts. Some MTB riders will choose to wear their pants or shorts without extra padding as there is often a level of protection built in. 

How are mountain bike shorts different to normal shorts?
MTB shorts (and pants) are lightweight and quick-drying so that they don’t rip or hold water in the same way as normal shorts. They are shaped to maximise protection without getting caught in your chain. MTB shorts may also have knee enforcements/ pads built in to make them more hard-wearing, and would usually be made of stretchy material so that they don’t restrict movement.

Should I wear MTB shorts or pants?
Ultimately the choice of whether to wear pants or shorts is down to personal preference. There are merits to both; pants provide greater coverage from the sun and any scrapes you get into. However, shorts will allow for more ventilation to keep you cool.

Often it will depend on the conditions of the day to determine the best option.

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