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Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

Shop Dual Suspension bikes for sale at Rhythm Snowsports!

Mountain bikes with dual suspension are for those looking to adventure. These full suspension mountain bikes are designed to tolerate harsh terrain by absorbing the impact resulting in a much more comfortable ride!


What is a dual suspension mountain bike?

A dual suspension mountain bike features both a suspension fork up front and rear shock. More suspension equals more control, traction and comfort for the rider. Dual suspension bikes are more costly than hard tail, single suspension bikes but offer a better ride on technical mountain bike trails. 

What is the best dual suspension mountain bike?

The best dual suspension bikes are well known brands such as Trek and Kona in Australia! Your size and colour/aesthetics and budget needs will determine which brand you end up deciding on. There are also different features you need to weigh in on, such as if you would prefer an e-bike for an easier ride on the uphills.

Should I get a dual / full suspension mountain bike?

There are various factors to consider when choosing a mountain bike. Some of the pro's of a dual suspension bike are:

1. More versatility

2. Quicker on tough terrains

3. Improved stability on bumpy terrain

4. Confidence boost for beginners and novices

What is the difference between dual suspension and hardtail?

All mountain bikes have a front suspension fork. To put it straight forward: On the rear wheel, dual suspension bikes have suspension, hard tails do not. 

Do I need a dual suspension mountain bike?

Determining if you need a dual suspension mountain bike will depend mostly on how and where you will be riding. Obviously your budget will also impact on your choice, as dual suspension bikes are on the more expensive side, but worth it!


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