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Your helmet might just be the most essential piece of equipment you have for skiing and snowboarding. It’s vital to protect your head, no matter how good you are, or how long you’ve been riding for. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so make sure you have a well-fitted helmet that's going to be comfortable for a whole day in the snow. 

At Rhythm, we stock industry-leading snow helmet brands such as Smith, Giro, POC, Anon, Sandbox and more. From helmets with visors or audio, to helmets that fit a round head or particularly narrow head, filter to shop by brand, colour, price or season. All helmets can be shipped Australia wide.

What is a MIPS ski helmet?

Many new models are now using MIPS technology for better protection. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection and has become a common feature of bicycle, horse riding and motorcycle helmets, as well as for skiing & snowboarding. 

While a traditional helmet is designed to protect against blunt trauma, a MIPS helmet also seeks to reduce the rotational impact which often causes concussions & serious brain injury. A MIPS helmet will rotate slightly on impact, reducing the rotational impact. You can find out more about MIPS here.

MIPS ski & snowboard helmets are typically slightly more expensive than a regular helmet.

How often do I need a new ski helmet?

In general, we recommend replacing your helmet every 5 years depending on how well it’s been looked after and how regularly its been used. To prolong its life, make sure that you put it away clean and dry at the end of the season and ideally keep it in a protective bag and box.

Although ski and snowboard helmets are designed to withstand major collisions, if you’ve taken a heavy fall, you may need to replace it sooner. If you’ve had a hit, check your helmet thoroughly, ideally taking it to an expert to ensure that it’s not damaged and will still protect you properly.

Helmet safety technology has also advanced significantly in the past few years so even if your old helmet still looks as good as new, it may not be as protecting you as well as a new one could. Before selecting a new ski or snowboard helmet be sure to do your research and, if you need any help, our friendly team are on hand in-store and by phone or email.

Are men's, women's & kids ski helmets the same?

Men’s, women's & kids ski helmets are often the same, with the difference being in the sizing and colours offered. Some brands will only offer unisex helmets available in a range of sizes, whereas other brands will offer specific ski helmets for women vs men and even kids vs youth.

Can I wear my bike helmet for skiing or snowboarding?

We do not recommend wearing a bicycle or horse-riding helmet for skiing or snowboarding. This is because the helmets are designed to withstand different types of impact and are also not made for the weather conditions which you experience up the mountain.

However, there are hybrid helmets available that are designed specifically to be used for multiple sports. For example, the Scout Helmet from Smith is designed for bike & ski/snowboard.

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