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Road & Mountain Bike Helmets

Road & Mountain Bike Helmets

Protect yourself while riding with best-in-class cycling helmets from Rhythm Snowsports. We specialise in mountain bike protection to keep you safe on the trails and stock all of the top brands including Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Giro, Bontrager & more. This includes trail, open face and full-face mountain bike helmets for men, women & kids.

What types of bike helmets are there?
There are three main types of cycling helmets:

  • Road - focussing on aerodynamics, road bike helmets are lightweight and shaped to help maximise speed.
  • Mountain - this includes trail helmets as well as enduro helmets for downhill and freeriding.
  • Full Face - full face protection for the head and the chin area. Some full-face helmets have a breakaway system to allow the removal of the chin guard for a greater range of uses.

What is a MIPS helmet?
MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection) helmets are designed to reduce the rotational impact, which often causes concussions & serious brain injury, as well as prevent blunt trauma as a standard bike helmet does. A MIPS helmet will rotate slightly on impact, reducing the rotational impact.

MIPS helmets are becoming prevalent for cycling, horse-riding, skiing and motorbiking and are typically slightly more expensive than a regular helmet.

What is WAVECEL technology?
WAVECEL is a relatively new advance in helmet technology which includes a collapsible structure inside your helmet. This replaces the traditional foam to provide more effective protection from certain bike accidents.

WAVCEL was invented by Trek bikes and is a feature of many Trek and Bontrager helmets.

Can I use a road bike helmet for mountain biking?
We would not recommend using a road bike helmet for mountain biking. While road bike helmets are similar in style to some trail helmets, they have been designed for different purposes and types of impact. They are also designed with off-road in mind and will be easier to clean and maintain after a day on the hill. 

In the same way, we would not recommend using a horse-riding helmet or ski helmet for mountain biking unless it has been specifically designed with a dual purpose in mind.

Should I wear a full face helmet?
If you’re riding downhill or freeriding it might be worth considering a full-face helmet. Full-face helmets offer extra protection, particularly around the lower face, nose and jaw. 

Full-face helmets tend to be heavier than trail helmets due to this extra level of protection and can take some time to get used to. However, they are the choice of most downhill and freeride mountain bikers.

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