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Backcountry Camping and Hiking Equipment

Backcountry Camping and Hiking Equipment

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Ready to leave the crowds behind and venture deep into the backcountry? Make sure you have all the essentials for your next camping trip with Rhythm Snowsports. Discover our huge range of quality camping equipment, camping accessories, backcountry hiking gear and more from industry leading brands such as Black Diamond, Sea to Summit, Jetboil, 360 Degrees and more!

Camping essentials such as headlamps and torches, camp kitchen/cooking gear, safety equipment, backpacks, sleeping bags all available in-store and online. We have got you covered with affordable backcountry camping gear to keep you comfortable and out there for longer!

We also stock all the must have camping and hiking accessories such as dry bags, tent pegs, gaiters, food and water storage, easy camp dehydrated meals, camp pillows, carabiners and more!

All camping and hiking gear online can be shipped Australia wide, so don't wait for your next adventure. Our dedicated team are constantly testing out the products we stock to ensure we only stock the best of the best.  Thinking about doing a camping trip in the snowy mountains but can't commit to buying all the gear? We also rent out backcountry camping gear such as tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags. Zippay and Afterpay available for all camping gear. 

Camping FAQ's

 What do you wear to backcountry camping? 

Backcountry camping in the winter can expose you to some pretty extreme temperatures! Ensuring you have the right amount of clothing is very important before you set out on your adventure. Layer! Layer! Layer! Ask anyone who has been backcountry camping and they will all say the same. Layers of clothing that are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, insulating and waterproof/windproof are an absolute must have!  A hat, waterproof gloves or mittens, goggles and sunglasses and warm merino wool or synthetic wicking fabric socks are all must haves. Be ready to protect yourself from whatever mother nature can throw at you! Heading into the backcountry? Check out our backountry for beginners blog here !

What does backcountry camping mean?

Backcountry camping refers to camping in isolated, remote areas where campers must be self sufficient. Backcountry campers are required to carry all of their equipment to their desired location by hiking, skiing, splitboarding, snowshoeing or even paddling their way in! Backcountry camping requires specific equipment that is light, compact and reliable. Campers must be prepared to deal with any type of weather or emergency mother nature throws at them with the items in their backpacks. That's why its extremely important to have great quality, reliable gear and accessories when heading out into the unknown!

What is the essential equipment for camping?

Absolute essentials for camping (especially in the backcountry) are:

  • Tent or some kind of shelter 
  • Sleeping bag
  • Water and water storage such as a bottle or water bladder
  • head torch/lantern or some kind of reliable light source
  • Sunscreen and first aid supplies
  • Navigation. Maps/compasses
  • food and cooking gear
  • Insulation and extra clothing

This list could go on and on! But these are the absolute necessities for anyone wanting to venture out into the wilderness. Snow/winter camping will make that list grow, think avalanche beacons, snow shovels, extra insulation. Always go with others or let someone know where you are heading. Safety should be your number one priority, always! 

What are the best camping accessories? 

Every camper will have their favourite gadgets and accessories they won't leave without. Something simple like extra carabiners for drying wet clothing items or a fire starting tool can make or break your time out there. Whatever your must have camp essentials are, they must be reliable! Especially heading out into the wilderness where you may be km's away from civilization.  Always check all your gear before heading out. Browse our range of all the best camping gear and update your collection before your next adventure!

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Backcountry Camping and Hiking Equipment

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