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Our first taste of snow has arrived in 2014. A tease really. So when you get a chance, please for the love of the snow god, bust out a snow dance.

While we’re waiting on some good conditions, we’re pumped to try out some of this season’s gear. We’ll test out some of the 2015 boards – including splitboards – whilst riding on park, mountain and backcountry missions. Keep an eye out for product reviews on the Rhythm Snow Sports blog.

Rhythm has new boards, skis and snow gear that even the snow god would want to give a crack. As styles and skills advance across the global snow culture, the Aussie Alps’ family also needs new equipment to suit.

There is no bigger snow sports store in Australia then Rhythm. With six specialised departments and over two hundred brands, this is the go-to place for your snow trips. There’s well over one hundred 2014-15 snowboard models alone with many of them also available for younger and women riders. The range of skis is also just as impressive. And with all your threads sorted too, Rhythm has your birthday suit covered.

If you’re a boarder then there’s a range of snowboards to suit your style. I’m foremost a freerider, but there’s also everything to meet pipe, park and backcountry preferences. Whatever you want, we can help.

Rhythm is one of the first places in the world which gets access to 2015 models. We’ve got the privilege of testing some out – so below we’ve singled out what we’ve got our eye on – which has just managed to keep our snow addiction fixed.

See you on the mountain,

Phil & Crew…


Introducing the 2015 Capita Black Snowboard of Death. The board isn’t a bad omen; it’s a bad-ass all-terrain killer. It promises to make you a better all-condition snowboarder

black death


Even though the Burton Custom Flying-V is the biggest selling board over the last two decades, the 2015 Burton Custom X is also expertly designed for an all-mountain mission. It brings you the X-factor

custom x

Parks and Tricks

In the park we’ll go to our happy place on the 2015 Slash Happy Place board. Being a trick-specific ride, it’s destined to show you how much you can throw it around. Don’t worry, it enjoys it

happy place


We’ll strap into the 2015 Jones Aviator for speed. Carving it up big whilst feeling the G’s is always a one of the addictions that keeps snowboarders hooked. I actually need a fix right now.

jones aviator


Let’s split to the backcountry where we’ll need an expert splitboard to help maintain our endurance. The 2015 GNU Billy Goat Split Snowboard is our choice to conquer our unchartered runs

billy goat

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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