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Authors Photo: Guthega

G’day snow bears and bunnies - hell yeah, winter is here.

This season I’ll be blogging for Rhythm Snow Sports. We’ve got tonnes of ideas on what to do this winter so make sure you keep checking the Rhythm website for our updates.

To start we’ll be reviewing new season gear whilst we’re exploring the Aussie Alps. We plan to navigate through the Perisher Resort, its parks and the backcountry of the Snowy Mountains National Park. Events like Splitfest and Homegrown Snowboard Day will be covered too.

They’ll be plenty of written material, as well as YouTube vids of our shenanigans. The plan is to simply strap on the Sony Action Cam and record some of our awesome and not-so-awesome moments. Shit happens and hopefully we’ll capture it.

So no matter if its product information or Aussie snow action you’re after, or both, we’ll have something to keep you up-to-date and entertained.

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As a snowboarder of around ten years, I’ve primarily focused on all-mountain navigation, but this year I’m bloody keen to test out my old school water-skiing skills and transform them for the slopes. On top of that, we plan to adventure out to the backcountry with the best splitboarding tour operator in Australia - Main Range Back Country (MRBC). We’ll also test out some of the splitboards and camping gear that Rhythm sells and hires. But first and foremost, I love to snowboard with my mates. As a snapshot, my days on the mountain generally consist of the following steps, but hey, we all have our own method to our madness Form the Crew In the mid Naughties, one of my best mates said to me that he was keen to go for a snowboard. I had never been to the snow before, except for the standard primary school excursion when I was a young whipper snapper. So without hesitation I replied: let’s fu@king go. We left at 2am the next morning and from that point forward, snowboarding was in my Top Five things to do. Over the years I’ve been boarding with close friends and new mates. But as people grow older and begin their families, things change. Some still make it, others don’t. So now our crews’ usual suspects consist of my brothers. We’re all best mates. I am the oldest of five boys and therefore I am their role model; that’s why they’re pretty much f#@ked. I did at least one thing right for them though, which was introducing them to snowboarding. The two just under me and I have been a committed team for the last few years and we have not looked like slowing down. The very two youngest have only got into boarding in recent seasons, but they’re both bent on catching up. Good luck boys. Therefore, all five of us, as well as our other mates, have a variety of skills and experience, so we’ll be providing a range of information for the beginner to advanced riders. But ultimately it’s about having a good bloody time on the snow and reviewing the gear that you might want to have with you when you go. Fresh Tracks The luxury of pristine powder isn’t always afforded in Australia. Last year was a poor season so let’s not let that be an affirmation for this one; instead let’s say that it was holding back for an epic 2014. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the mountain after some massive dumps, so I’ve been able to levitate in the best snow that Australia has to offer. Once you’re on the mountain, tapped into its energy, you can find a state of peace that is like no other. Pow makes that experience even more authentic. No matter if it’s new snow or not, there are fresh tracks to be owned. Hitting Perisher offers you powder stashes and groomed runs. This season we’ll give you the head’s up on what’s killin’ it and where to avoid. As a pre-season tip - notorious for powder on the right morning are the Eyre and North Perisher T-bars. Authors Photo: Blue Cow Tree of Lines In search of fresh tracks you may be drawn to the trees. Making your own lines off-piste is like riding the tree of life. Each vein leads to your own heart. Through the maze, you can create what you want. It’s your path; your choice. Boarding the tree of lines is all about control. Can you maintain the velocity and slice to make your way out, or do you crawl out? Do you have the imagination to forge a power path? All these questions and more will be answered in the tree of lines. At Perisher resort, the recommended places are off the top of the Brumby T-bar and the woods of Guthega. Authors Photo The Pub Would you rather have a coffee or a beer at lunch? For me, it’s a cold-ass beer. You’d think it would be the opposite, being around zero degrees and all. But if you board hard, you’ve worked up a good sweat and you’ll need to quench a hard earned thirst. In perisher there are over a dozen places to refuel your energy and regain your strength. There are the mountain sanctuaries or the resort retreats, depending on where you are. On the mountain common favourites are the Guthega Inn, the Avalunch Café and the Bistro at the Blue Cow terminal. Authors Photo: Blue Cow Terminal Park Zone Each season, or even each session, you can learn something new. Most years in Perisher there are four parks and the pipe. If you’re gonna test your limits though, make sure you’ve got the right safety equipment. Helmets and wrist guards are essential, as well as strapping your ankles. Talk to Rhythm about the gear that you need. In the parks you’ve got big air down to small air. Once you find your balance you’ll soar like a raven. Even on the smaller jumps you’re guaranteed to find instant satisfaction. There’s also more metal being constructed every season. Slide, grind, mound or hover a variety of boxes that will ensure your heart is in your throat. Make it, or suffer. Moving fast through the berms is always worthy too. The smooth rocking rides will increase your capabilities of balance, switch and control. With so much variety on offer, the parks are the realm of the unimagined awesome. Afternoon Encore. Where you’ll spend your afternoon will depend on the conditions. You might search out territory that has been untouched throughout the day. Maybe you’ll ride your favourite runs over and over again. You’ll probably show off your new trick to yourself. Or you may as well do all of the above. My favourite boarding past time is carving big fast runs. How good is it pumping through some turns, holding advanced edges and making the gauntlet? It’s rad to the power of sick, that’s what it is. This is in part why snowboarders continue to go back year after year; the adrenalin of carving a single edge whilst pursuing a partnership with gravity is an unprecedented high. It’s addictive. So that is my default preference. With either poor or flawless vision, it’s a test of your equilibrium and reflexes, yet it’s also a different challenge depending on the conditions. You’ll win some and lose some. But when you almost blow that weak edge, and recover, it heightens you. Suddenly, you can carve the mountain like the raven carves the sky. You’re in sync with nature and you ride its flow. That’s where I want to be. See you on the mountain, Phil & Crew…

Authors Photo: Guthega Lookout

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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