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2015 Endeavor Nomad Series Introducing Shannon! She has been on the snow for over 10 years and snowboarding for 4. She is a boardercross racer, while Ishe is racing and training for that I ride a 158cm, Donek Saber, "It's flat camber and has a metal base. The saber has a lengthened effective edge, and incorporates aspects of a GS race board so it's perfect for riding at top speeds but is also forgiving enough for the boardercross environment where everything can change so quickly. It's perfect for an aggressive riding style. While I am free riding I ride an Endeavor Diamond, it's a fun and playful board, still stiff enough for me to practice on boardercross courses, but perfect when I ride then go ride back country when I finish training. It's a great board for riding back country but also can cater to someone who is just looking for a fun board to play around on no matter her riding ability." Here's what she thought of Endeavors new Nomad: The Nomad is the newest snowboard to join the Endeavor Women’s snowboard range. This board is built to take you where you want to go in the park and easy enough to maneuver all over the mountain, with it’s playful design of All Terrain Park Flat- to- Raised Contact camber (reverse camber on the nose and tail), E- Tech Construction, Seamless Sidewall Technology and a full Poplar core, this board is all fun. No matter what your ability, learning how to ollie or stomping your first inverted trick, the Nomad is the perfect board for any chick to slay the park and help to excel your riding quicker than you can imagine, with the soft flex level of 3 buttering will become second nature to you. Don’t be fooled by all the park talk, this board is an all terrain warrior; it has the stability and predictability of a regular camber board. You’ll only need one board to dominate the whole mountain!

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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