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My Name is Evan Carter, I have been riding for about 14 years and I did a little skiing when I was a nipper at the age of five. I have been working in the industry for the past 12 seasons at Selwyn Snowfields, first off in rentals, then instructing, snowmaking and managing the terrain park program. I also have done 8 Northern winter seasons in Tahoe CA and Canada starting out Instructing (Tahoe) and then Building Parks (Canada). Check out my reviews below: Endeavor New Standard 148cm First of all this board is FUN!!!!!!!!!. The Endeavor R and D department had developed this board to create a new design that is loose and fun for buttering around, yet aggressive when you want to sink an edge. It is soft for an easy press, yet poppy when you need the ollie. It’s just the right shape for quick turns with enough meat to feel stable when hitting a jump. It is considered a mid-wide, but because of this new shape, you should ride 3 to 4cms shorter than your preferred length. It is a zero cambered board but to counter the potential edge catch issues, they introduced a new technology called “Dow Tech” which means it has slightly raised wings on the nose and tail of the board right where the effective edge starts. Riding this board I was blown away with how well it stepped up to what the R and D crew had in mind. It is definitely right at home in the park and jibbing around on the hill, it gives you real sense of a playfulness that wants to be unleashed, but has the ability to hold on if you need an edge in a hurry. I found at times, that at high speeds on the groomers, it did chatter slightly but nothing too intense that would ruin your day. I was a little suss about riding a shorter board than usual, but I was definitely schooled and didn’t even notice the missing 4cm’s until I got into the park. I found out how much nicer it is to have that little bit less board when hitting jibs and surprisingly I didn’t have to work hard to get pop. I was also a little unsure how stable landing jumps was going to feel, but once again, when you hit bolts it felt safe, stable and made for smiles all round. The Dow Tech was an eye opener and I could defiantly feel, or should I say, not feel any edge catch in the park and a really loose and fun edge change that kept on point when cursing around. All and all the Endeavor New Standard was a super playful little feller that is right at home in the park but was still super fun bombing around the hill. If you are thinking of taking this board to some deep pow you might need to think about another choice because you will be working really hard to keep it afloat. If cruising around the resort looking for hits and lapping park is your thing, then you should think about adding this board to your shopping list. The Vice is designed to be a fun little park shredder and it defiantly delivered. The flat camber with raised or reverse camber on the nose and tail give the board a really loose and playful feel, which was right at home on boxes and rails and when I needed to put in a turn at speed the flat camber held on nicely. The Basic wood core running tip to tail of the board or “E Tech” and Biaxe fiberglass top sheet had a medium-soft and buttery flex pattern that made pressing the board easy and with the award winning “Seamless Sidwall” tech the expected chatter from turning at speed didn’t happen and felt smooth. The only down side I felt was the buttery feel and camber shape did mean I had to work a little harder to get pop, although in no way that made for a deal breaker. The “Vice” has a “Quick Extruded Base” and it defiantly felt like it lived up to its name because I was blown away by how quickly I picked up speed and knowing that extruded bases are easier to repair it’s a perfect match for a park board. Over all the “Vice” was a really fun board and the loose soft and playful ride made me feel like a little grom again and turned everywhere on the mountain into a playground. I wouldn’t recommend this board for anyone that wants to ride big mountain and pow lines. That said, if you’re on a bit of a budget or just starting out and want a straight up fun board to play around on the hill or hit rails in the park all day, the 2015 Endeavor “Vice” will suit you nicely.

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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