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Burton Process Flying-V ensures advanced freestyling action for any level freerider. We tested out the Burton Process Flying-V version over four days in mid-quality snow. It’s designed for advanced to expert freestylers, but still works well for any stage of rider in an all-mountain capacity. If you’re looking to get a good quality board but are still developing your skills, this deck will suit. Its Flying-V profile – which has rocker in between the feet and camber underneath, as well as rocker at the tips – is designed to provide the stability of a camber profile along with the catch-free edges of a rocker deck. Once you ride it there’s no doubt it’s more of a park and trick board with a rocker feel, meaning there is more play then stability. However, it balances an all-terrain coverage in quite an impressive way. Edges were difficult to catch, in both soft and packed conditions, but its solidity was maintained throughout the ride. The Flying-V technology is mysteriously good. We hear that its backcountry adaptability is also equally remarkable, but that wasn’t on our list. It is fairly light too. Presses and butters are effortless. We found it easy to control, even in high-powered carves. The bang it offered also made us feel like we were flying viciously through the air. The boxes kept being ticked by this deck. In summary, the Process Flying-V is a well-priced, all-action, freestyling art piece. Give the demo a test at Rhythm today and you’ll understand what we mean.


All-Mountain Freestyle






Super Fly II with Dualzone EGD and Squeezebox


Directional 5/10


Sintered P-Tex


Intermediate to Expert

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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