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packing checklist

never forget your gear with our handy packing checklist

Embarking on a snow holiday is an exhilarating experience, but ensuring a seamless and enjoyable trip involves meticulous planning, and a well-optimized snow holiday checklist can make all the difference.
We've listed our top items plus a handy checklist you can download and print to ensure you don't leave home without the essential snow holiday items.

From essential winter clothing to specialized gear, this guide is designed to be a one-stop resource for individuals seeking expert insights on packing efficiently for a memorable snow adventure.  From insulated layers that keep you warm in frosty temperatures to waterproof gear that shields against the elements, our packing checklist ensures you're equipped for any winter adventure. 

Explore expert tips on maximizing luggage space, selecting the perfect cold-weather accessories, and optimizing your snow gear ensemble. Whether you're a seasoned snow enthusiast or a first-time winter traveler, this arcticle should leave you equipped with a few new tips for your next winter destination!

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How much clothing do i need to take?

This can only be answered by where you are going and for how long. If you are heading on a three week trip with limited washing opportunities you will need to consider how long you (or your friends around you) are prepared to wear the same base layers without the stench becoming too much.


By investing in good quality Merino or Bamboo fibres for your thermals you can help mitigate the smell as these products help to wick away sweat and still keep you warm giving you more days on the mountain, less space in your bags and less washing.

The same principle applies with your socks, although remember your socks will tend to stink up faster so a few pairs of socks are important.


If you can manage it, One midlayer like a puffy jacket or good quality flannel or fleecy jacket should be sufficient which can also be worn when you are not skiing or snowboarding out to dinner and other sightseeing.
You can save on space in your bags by utilising your ski or snowboard jacket when heading out to dinners at night to keep off the winter chill and are very warm once you are inside.


Don't sell yourself short on how much you need. Email ahead to your accommodation and check to see if you need to do some creative washing in the shower or there are facilities available.
Enough clean socks, undies and bras after a long day on the mountain will feel almost as good as a hot shower


Quality footwear like Apre boots can be your only shoes if you are going to a predominantly snowy town, we also reccommend a pair of thongs/flipflops if you are staying shared bathroom situation.
Glove liners, beanies and sunglasses are essential items not to forget


Then cull whatever you can do without



Check your airline (or car space) for how much you can take. If you have a ski/snowboard bag we reccommend filling this up with majority of your snow equipment. Fill nooks and crannies with your spare socks, thermals and soft goods tucked around your hard goods.

Laying your soft goods around your hardgoods likes skis or snowboards is a great way to provide extra protection during transport, be mindfull of sharp edges that can tear your outerwear. The inside of your boots are great for fitting extra items in, geat creative!

If you've managed to get the majority of your equipment into a ski/snowboard bag then you lay out everything else you have to take and consider a duffel style backpack which will allow you hands free for wheeling your ski or snowboard bag.

Dont forget to pack your toiletries, chargers, ID, sunscreen & a drink bottle. Download our handy printable packlist and laminate it for your gear bag so you never forget your key items again.

essential packlist items for your next holiday