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The Board of Directors will direct you across the mountain in high quality and professional style. The Endeavor BOD is an all-terrain machine recommended for the intermediate to advanced rider, but because it has good stability and forgiveness, don’t be afraid to hire a demo from us and give it a shot as a beginner. We tested this out over two days and found it as versatile for all riding conditions as they advertise. The BOD has good bang and a true twin shape, ensuring equilibrium if you love to jib and jab across the mountain. Its zero camber profile has raised contact points so it makes you feel that is has less edge and more play than what you’d expect. It is also easy to initiate and hold turns, making it a more controlled and less paranoid race to the lifts. One minor disadvantage is that powerful, hard carves were inhibited a little by its flat profile but with some invested time it had enough adaptability to give us exactly what we wanted. Another is buttering isn’t exactly its forte. Nevertheless, the BOD has carbon strips added into the deck which reinforces its good stability and insane pop. It is also made with a full tip to tale wood core which makes it incredibly light and durable. In summary this board for us was super-fast, super-stable and a super-entertaining board to ride. We were able to hit some big jumps and ground any hard landings effortlessly. There was basically no part of the mountain this deck wasn't directing.


All-terrain Endeavor BOD


Zero Camber (Flat)







Sintered 7500


Intermediate to Advanced

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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