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how to pack a snowboard bag

Storing and transporting your snowboard should be done with a snowboard bag to prevent scratches and damage to the board. If you are travelling overseas packing a snowboard bag correctly can also save you money on baggage. Some airlines only allow you one check-in bag and one carry one. The bigger snowboard bags with wheels and different compartments are big enough to store enough gear for your trip including your hardware. For a typical overseas snowboard trip you would need:

  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard Bindings
  • Snowboard Boots
  • Socks
  • Thermal top and bottom
  • Snowboard Pants
  • Snowboard Jacket
  • Trackies and/or jeans
  • Serval T-shirts
  • Jumpers (recommend at least 1 tech-fleece)
  • Face Mask
  • Gloves or Mitts (take a spare pair too)
  • Goggles
  • Beanie
  • Helmet
  • Clothes to go out in

This is a lot of gear to try and fit into one bag but if you pack it correctly it can all fit then all you need to do is pack a carry on with your other travel items like passport, go pro, chargers etc. There are many bag options from many different brands. If you are travelling overseas we would highly recommend getting a bag with wheels. The Burton Big Wheelie Board Case has an enormous amount of space and will fit all the gear you need. How to pack your snowboard bag:

  • Get everything you want to pack into your bag and lay it out, try not to over pack
  • Lay the snowboard flat inside the bag with bindings on, often bigger bags will have a separate compartment for a spare board without bindings underneath.
  • Roll smaller items like socks etc up and stuff them into your boots
  • Put boots interlocked at one end of the board
  • Put your goggles in your helmet covered by gloves or beanie for protection and place at the other end of the board
  • Then all your outerwear and clothes will fit around the bindings
  • If you are having trouble fitting it try both laying items flat or rolling them up.
  • Often bigger bags will have outer pockets for extra storage

Packed your snowboard bag with minimal stuff you’ll need for a trip away. You can see you'll have heaps of space left at the end. Taking two bags overseas is just double the trouble. Try a few different ways and get all your gear in the one bag. 

Bags without wheels are great too and they have their purpose. They are less expensive for those watching their hip pocket but wheels aren’t necessarily essential if you are only taking your bag from your house to the car to your accommodation. 

A snowboard bag is recommended to have however big your trip is, it is better to store and transport gear within a bag, minimize the risk of scratches etc. Next years snowboard bags are now in stock in store and online. 

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Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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