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The Stepchild Stereotype is an anti-catch-an-edge-and-pump-yourself deck. The Stepchild Stereotype is everything that you expect out of a rocker performance. As Rhythm is the only importer of Stepchild in Australia, come in and test one out today. I rode this reverse camber board for four days coming back from a serious shoulder injury. My plan was to take it easy and just enjoy the ride with the crew, but the more I rode it, the harder it was challenging me to go. It was like it was saying to me: "You can't fall over on me, stop being such a bloody wuss!" I can remember a few occasions where I should have caught an edge and eaten it bad, but didn't. It gave me a lot of confidence to not stack whilst spinning and buttering the mountain from top to bottom as well as carving my lines at extremely high speeds. A freestyle board usually isn't designed for a fast carving ride, but I felt more and more comfortable pushing it as the hours passed. There is no doubt that the movement and sliding on this board is high, which is why it is considered as an intermediate to advanced ride, but if you're a beginner who wants to develop your control, this will do nicely. This is of course a freestyle, soft-to-mid flex board, built for increasing your trick repertoire. It was equally impressive regardless of whether I was playing across the mountain or in the parks. It did however feel a bit unstable in the pipe but that may have just been my self-administered brakes deceiving me, so you might want to test that out for yourself by hiring the demo at Rhythm. Overall, I was really impressed by the Stereotype. It had a good balance of being loose enough to control it exactly the way I wanted. I also had to really try hard to catch an edge which gives it a strong advantage to those who want to develop their movement on the hill or in the parks whilst limiting how much they hammer themselves.





Reverse Camber (Rocker)




Poplar Kicker 1




Intermediate to Advanced

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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