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voile-logo2 We are really excited to have a selection of Voile skis in stock. Voile (pronounced Vo lay) products are made in Salt Lake City, Utah and have been making bespoke products for skiers and boarders since 1980. In the mid ‘90’s they developed the split board which changed the face of backcountry riding forever. The skis they are now making are a product of this sort of forward thinking. These are skis designed and made by experienced adventurers with unrivaled experience and passion for their sport. On the floor, as of last week, we’ve got some BC Vectors, the only scaled, rocker wide ski around. These are multi award winners. Now these are really cool. Or what about the BC Chargers? Do you want the ski that all serious skiers talk about? The ace card to drop into a conversation about the ultimate quiver? You know that feeling when you hold a really well made tool or machine in your hand? These have that feel. The whole range have it. The Voilé Charger BC (below) is a scaled-base version of the Charger with a Traction Pattern makes the ski even more efficient for climbing moderate slopes, it isn't designed to fully replace the use of climbing skins but because it is a very lightweight it is perfect for a variety of different uses. FullSizeRender (16) Voilé Charger BC "the widest ski of this nature on the market" There’s the V8 with its wide shovel, shapely side cut and tapered tail or the V6 which is slightly smaller and lighter. These are a back, side or front country enthusiasts dream. Intrigued? Well pop in to the store and have a look. You won’t get these anywhere else in Australia and we’re damn proud that these guys trust our experience and passion to let us have some to share with you. We have also scored some Voile back country bindings and I’ll tell you about them soon. For more tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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