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With the snow starting to settle in the Snowy Mountains it is important to remember driving takes a little bit of extra caution. If you are not used to driving in the snow remember conditions can change instantly and you shouldn’t rely on the forecast, you should always be prepared. Here are some tips to keep you safe: Gears and Brakes Obviously, your brakes are there to slow you down but in the snow there may be ice patch that you don’t see, if you brake hard you will slide. Brake gently. Front and rear wheels can lock easily with loss of steering and control. Try and brake on a straight rather than around a corner. Diesel, Petrol and LPG If your car runs on diesel, fill up your car in the Snowy Mountains, anywhere from Cooma onwards will have the Alpine diesel, if not your diesel will freeze and turn to jelly. If you have a LPG/Petrol car you should switch to petrol before coming into the region. Also, use anti-freeze compound in the radiator. Complete White Out In white out conditions where you can not see the road or the snow poles, stop the car leaving your motor on and switch your hazard lights on. The best way is not to drive in these conditions, if a storm is coming in don’t get in your car. Packing Your Car Your car is probably getting pretty full from all your ski gear but there is a few extra things you should carry for driving in the snow. This includes: - Chains, you can hire these from Rhythm on your way through. If you have never put them onto before we have staff to show you, a video you can watch and tyres to practice on in store. - Warm gloves, you want gloves that you can put chains on or change a tyre not your ski gloves - A tarp, ground sheet or even a plastic garbage bag for when you need to get on the ground to put chains on or change a tyre - Food and water, just as a backup, hopefully you can just enjoy this on your drive because the weather is nice - Torch, probably should be in your car all of the time for emergencies Don’t Rush Allow time to get to the snow, it’s not a drive you can rush just leave earlier. Park Pass To enter Kosciuszko National Park you’ll need a parks pass. You can either get a day pass or yearly pass. Before you leave the resort Before leaving the resort be sure to clear any snow from the car roof, to avoid creating a road hazard to other vehicles. The important thing is to be prepared and realise it isn't like driving anywhere else but it certainly doesn't have to be scary either. The Snowy Mountains is a beautiful area, make the drive part of your holiday, take your time and enjoy it. For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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