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2017 google technology

Every year, goggle technology seem to change and get more technical.This year, every brand has something exciting going on and while it allmight sound different, the end goal is the same - to help you seebetter. Here are what the brands are doing this year, in their words:

Oakley: Prizm

Oakley - Prizm

Prizm lenses split the white light into individual colours. Then, justlike an equaliser would boost treble or base to enhance a particulartype of music, Prizm lenses boost the sensitive colours and filter therest, leaving your vision with crisp detail that is not washed out bythe flat light. 

Dragon: Luma Lens

Luma Lens is a colour optimised lens technology offering ultrahigh-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions.Engineered to optimise and improve visibility in all environments,Dragon's Luma Lens Technology delivers enhanced colour vividness,increased contrast, precise depth perception, and reduces eye fatiguefor optimal performance.

Dragon - Luma Lens

Dragon: Transitions

Dragon - Transitions

Dragon Transitions adaptive lenses automatically darken in brightsunlight and lighten in cloudy or snowy conditions. The lenses arecolour optimised to help enhance contrast and increase depth perception,giving you a clear visual advantage.

Smith: ChromaPop

ChromaPop filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause colourconfusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, morenatural colour, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail.

Smith - Chromopop

  Giro: Vivid

Giro - Vivid

VIVID Lens Technology effectively manipulates blue light by letting incontrast enhancing blue light, while blocking harmful UV light.Essentially, VIVID filters out the haze and frees your eyes to spot yourline and focus on enjoying your experience.

 Electric: Brose

Brose is a combination of our two best-performing base tints, bronze androse, the Brose lens it the best all round lens tint for any lightcondition by raising contrast and increasing depth perception.

Electric - Brose

 Anon: Magna Tech

Anon - Magna Tech

The quick lens change technology. Using rare earth magnets and up tonine points of connection, Magna-Tech provides riders with a seamlessand secure lens-to-frame seal with unsurpassed retention.

In our words: There are a lot of buzz words around goggles these daysand don’t get us wrong, the technology is really exciting. But to put itsimply, each brand is trying to help you see better on snow so you can :

a) see where you’re going,

b) have more confidence and

c) have a better experience.

Some brands have better technology in both their lenses and frames andgenerally, the price will reflect that.The best thing to do is come in store and try each one on. Bring yourold goggle and compare. And don’t forget to bring your helmet to match!

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