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If you own your boots thin socks are best, if you are hiring boots a slightly thicker sock is better. An example of a thin sock is the Rojo High Performance Wool Socks, perfect for when you have your own boots well fitted to your feet. For a thicker sock perfect for rental boots the XTM Heater sock is a little bit thicker but still made out of a quality Merino wool. Cotton should always be avoided. Cotton is not a thermal fibre, once cotton gets wet it stays wet all day. Synthetics, wool or bamboo are the best options, they will take moisture and move it to the outside of the fabric keeping your feet dry and warm. You want your socks to finish just below the knee so there’s plenty of clearance from your boot, nothing should be inside your boot except for your sock and your foot. You don’t want anything to scrunch or fold inside your boots, it will be extremely uncomfortable all day, this means you need a pair of socks that fit you correctly. Only one sock should ever be worn this is because doubling socks: 1. Can lead to blisters 2. Takes up more room in your boot leaving less room for air to be insulated 3. Traps moisture between the two socks making your feet colder Doubling socks is a massive rookie error. The one sock rule applies to life not just up the mountain. The best socks are engineered and dual density, this means slight padding on the shin, heel and toes for extra comfort, they are a little bit more expensive but better fitted which means more comfortable. Picture1 If you’re looking for the best sock something engineered and made from merino will keep your feet warm dry and comfortable. Le Bent Le Definitive Ultra Light sock is made from a bamboo merino blend, it is the ultimate in warmth and comfort. It is a merino blend sock without that itchy feeling that often comes with woollen products. A less expensive alternative is a Sumo Sox which is made from Dri Release Merino that fits perfectly to your foot and leg. Le-Bent-Sock-UL-Features-2014 For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

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