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It is that time again, winter school holidays, and a trip to the snow is a must!

In Australia we are incredibly lucky to have ski resorts with world class facilities and each resort places great importance on families. But with all the facilities and services they provide there are a few things left in your hands as parents to make the experience as smooth as possible. We thought we share with you some tips to help you have an even better time!

Tip 1: Warm and Dry

The conditions at The Snowy Mountains can change very quickly, the secret to always keeping warm for yourself and your child is layering. Starting with a good quality thermal as your first layer means you can build layers on top without turning into a marshmallow. A good base layer means your child can add layers to stay warm but can remove layers and won’t over heat. Adding a jumper then a good quality waterproof jacket should keep them nice and comfortable. Often children’s jackets are more insulated so on a warmer day you can ditch the middle layer.



Tip 2: Happy feet

Never let your child wear more than one pair of socks. More than one pair makes your feet colder for 2 reasons, 1, it can means less circulation and blood flow and 2, if they sweat at all the moisture will be trapped between socks and get cold when temperatures drop. Socks are worth the investment, a good woollen pair of socks that aren’t too thick will keep your children’s feet toasty warm and dry. Once they have their boot on don’t tuck their pants into their boots. If there are wearing a bottom thermal layer tuck that into their boots and pull their ski pants, including the elastic, over the boot – keeps snow out and feet warmer. Sumo Sox have a specific sock for children.


Tip 3: Stand out!

When kids are all dressed up in their ski gear, beanie, goggles jacket it can sometimes be hard to look up and tell them apart from the other children straight away. Give your child something to make them stick out, a bright coloured pair of pants, crazy beanie or even some ribbon tied around their arm. This tip works both ways, they want to be able to look up and recognise you straight away. No panic is always the right track to keeping everyone happy. Consider putting your mobile number in their pocket in case you get separated.


Tip 4: Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

Remember that you are there to have fun. If you laugh at yourself your child will learn to laugh at themselves. Remember that falling down is okay, whether you are skiing, boarding or just playing in the snow don’t take it too seriously, make everything into a game or song. If you are with a group of people give out awards at the end of the day/trip give the kids encouraging ones and give the adults funny ones, everyone wins!


Tip 5: Snacks

Fill your pockets and their pockets with snacks and poppers. Remember when you were a child and a big day of skiing was absolutely exhausting, trying to stay awake in the car home was always impossible! Take little breaks throughout the day and keep everyone hydrated. Those couple of minutes on a lift for a little snack are priceless (Snacks are also good for bribery).


Tip 6: Lessons

Lessons are worth their weight in gold. Paying for a lesson means your child will learn correct technique from the beginning but it also means you can have that time to go explore the rest of the mountain.


Tip 7: Be Snap Happy

Lots of photos and videos! Obvious tip but necessary one because sometimes it can seem to hard when all your gear is on. There are cameras and accessories you can buy to make taking photos at the snow easier.

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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