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A near perfect board for all aspiring women snowboarders, especially if you like to freestyle. My snow bunny tried this deck out in soft and slushy spring conditions. It was her second attempt at boarding and let me say, she nailed it. Because the Burton Social is flat camber in between the bindings, which rises to rocker edges, a catch free ride is exactly what she got. As a beginner, she was kept upright more than what she should have, and more so than what some intermediate riders were as well. Her spins were easily executed and she felt more than comfortable learning on this deck. This is a board for those women who want to learn standing up and not on their butt. In her words: “It was so easy to learn how to turn; I didn’t feel like I was struggling to stay on my feet so it wasn’t wearing me out as quickly by having to fight it or get up all the time. The psychedelic coral made me feel like I was riding a rainbow too”. Overall this board is for all riding skills, with a particular focus for freestyling riders. With an edge-free and soft flex ride, you’re more likely to learn faster heading down the runs or in the parks.
Use: Freestyle burton-social_720x600
Profile: Rocker/Flat/Rocker
Shape: Twin Tip
Core: Dualzone / Super Fly
Flex: 2/10
Base: Sintered
Rider: Beginner to Advanced

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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