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G'day Betty's and Bro's (That's snowboard talk for female and male...). My name is Christopher Watt. I'm 27 years old and I've got 6 years of snowboarding experience in Australia as well as a season in Canada/North America. I’m more of a weekend warrior than a season player. I’ve only ever owned two boards, so now I've had the opportunity to test and review the amazing decks that Rhythm has to offer and to personally experience the differences in technologies and manufacturing techniques and how they affect my abilities and confidence. This week's review is for the Slash ATV, one of their higher end boards. As a shorter rider I was concerned the available 156cms model might be too long, which would affect its manoeuvrability and playfulness. Those concerns were quickly debunked not long after strapping this beast onto my feet. When I stepped onto this board it became more than just an extension of my body. I transformed into some sort of twisted creature bent on carving, boosting and stomping. No run seemed too steep, no jump seemed too big. The ATV combines a traditional camber profile with a stiff platform giving it a precise and reactive feel. This board could out-shred any board I've ridden too date! It grabs an edge, holds onto it and doesn't let go until you command it to. Despite its length it is very responsive and carves like a dream. Overall, this board is Fast, Fun and Furious! It has a mind of its own and just wants to steer you towards those bigger drops and jumps that you would normally second guess. Summary:
  • A longer board than I'm used to riding though it felt like a 150cm board. Longer board gives increased stability so it's a win in my books.
  • Light mass
  • Aggressive - grabs on to an edge and carves like a dream.
  • Very responsive - excels in smoother conditions though loses it's firm, indestructible feel when the terrain becomes heavy and choppy.
  • Excellent speed. This board is fast, though not as fast as some others on the market.
  • Medium flex - super fun all mountain board that wants to steer you towards those big drop offs and jumps. However it's not a park board.
  • Camber - two points of contact give that reassuring feel when the conditions become icy.
  • Tip protectors - most boards I've ridden don't have any protection on the tip or tail. Nice little feature and bodes well for the longevity of the board.
Use: All-Mountain Slash ATV
Profile: Camber
Shape: Twin Tip
Core: Forever Wood
Flex: 7/10
Base: Base 9900
Rider: Intermediate to Advanced

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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