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As opening day for season 2016 fast approaches, we start looking at getting ourselves ready. Get the skis and boards out of storage, give them a wax, make sure everything is good to go so when those lifts open you’re ready to let loose. That’s all well and good, but what about you. Are you physically ready for another season? Nothing is worse than getting injured on the first day because your body isn’t ready. It means weeks of sitting out and even worse, MISSING OUT! Here a few exercises to make sure your body is ready for season 2016! Strength and Power Squat Jumps 4 sets of 20 should leave the legs burning Squat Jumps are great way develop Glute and Hamstring strength which is necessary if you intend on spending a little longer in the air this year. Starting Position: Standing tall looking pretty hand by your side. Feet around shoulder width apart. The Movement: Breaking at the hips first then the knees lower your hips until the angle at your knees is slightly lower than 90o (bottom position, when you are this point your knees should not be any further forward than your toes). Your back/spine should be completely straight throughout the entire movement. Raise yourself back to the starting position by pushing through the heels of your feet and maintaining posture. As you get too the starting position jump straight up into the air, when landing bring yourself back down into the bottom position of your squat and repeat. Aquat Jumps Lunges 4 sets of 10 (on each leg) Perfect combination on strength and balance Starting Position: Standing tall looking pretty. The Movement: Move one leg back so that you have taken a big step backwards, keeping majority of your weight on your front foot. From here bend you back leg and lower the knee towards the ground stopping just before your knee hits the ground. Pushing through the heel of your front foot, bring your back leg back up so you finish in the starting position. Be sure to squeeze your glutes and hamstrings of your front leg while pushing back to the starting position. Lunges Push Ups 4 sets of 12 May seem a bit basic but Push Ups are great way to develop upper body strength. Stating Position: Push Up position, holding the body up with hands and toes making sure to keep the spine straight. The Movement: Lower your body to the down by bending your arms, makings sure you keep your legs and spine straight through the entire movement. Stop just before your chest hits the ground. Pushing through your hands and keeping a straight spine, push yourself back up until you’re are back at the starting position. Push ups
Calf Raise 4 sets of 20 Excellent for building up strength around your ankles. Starting Position: Standing tall, feet shoulder width apart. The Movement: Slowly raise your heels up so that you end up on the ball of your feet. Keep Controlled and lower yourself back down. You can do these one foot at a time or hold weights in your hands to make it more difficult. Calf raises Pull Ups 4 set of 10 Strong back is necessary in life, it helps with balance and stability. It will also make sure your turns are sharp and that your body can take the impact on those falls (we both know they are going to happen). Starting Position: Holding on to a bar hands shoulder width apart, pull your body up as high as you can or until your head is higher than the bar. The Movement: Pull your body up as high as you can or until your head is higher than the bar. Lower yourself back down and repeat. Pull ups Table Tops 4 sets of 20 Your core strength plays a massive role in your ability to stay steady and balanced, this will help make those turns feel stronger and controlled. Starting Position: Lying on your back flat on the floor, with your legs and knees bent at 900 The Movement: Pretend that someone is going to stand on your stomach while you’re lying there. That instinctive feeling of flexing your abs and flattening your back to the floor is what I want you to remember and hold on to it. In a controlled movement push one leg out as if you were trying to stomp at the wall, stopping just before your heel hits the ground. Maintaining control bring your leg back to the starting position before repeating on the other side. Your back should remain flat on the floor throughout the entire movement. Table tops However, more importantly stay safe my friends. See you out there Josh Drinkwater If you want more health tips head to Josh's website: www.joshuadrinkwaterpt.com For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

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