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Valentino Guseli

We caught up with Rhythm Rider Valentino Guseli before his 2022 Olympic debut in Beijing. This article featured in the 2022 Rhythm Magazine.

What's your favourite pipe and why?

LAAX is for sure my favourite pipe Jeremy always has the shape perfect, the lap is super quick, and no name cafe is right there at the top for a quick snack.

How old are you now, competing at your first olympics?

16 and never been kissed

Favourite sport other than snowboarding

Surfing for sure. My house is right across the street from the beach. Although aggressive one wheeling is pretty sweet.

Favourite Athlete in the world, any sport

Kelly Slater because he just won pipeline and turned 50

How many hours a week do you play guitar, when home?

4 hours, 20 minutes and 69 seconds a week according to the app on my phone.

Favourite Guitarist

Dimebag Darrel from Pantera

Dream surf destination

Yabbara Beach, Dalmeny ;)

if you could take anyone, who would you want to see surf there?
Kelly Slater

Who is your favourite crew to lap perisher with?

My coach Tom Pelley, My sister Ali, my Mum and my Dad.

have you done any back country riding?

Yeah, a little, but I have just started to peek through that door.

Are you going to enter this years volcom side hits event at thredbo in september?

YES!! (If I'm allowed...)

Favourite dinner?

Steak and Lobster

Any rituals before comp runs?

That's under wraps, so... skip.

who's your coach and how much time do you spend together?

Tom Pelley and we hang out every day for about 22 hours a day

What's your coaches most annoying trait?

Always being right

How old were you when you got on volcom?

I was 10 when I got on Volcom

Can you drive a car?

Yup, both stick and auto but I pretend I can't so my coach drives all the time.

Have you got your licence?

Learners baby!!!

First car

Tricked out Skyline or Combi VW van

This article featured in our 2022 Rhythm Magazine, explore more featured articles here!