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The Yarn before the Storm


Authors Photo - Kosciuszko Road Perisher

There has been so much (good) change in the past week. NSW Blues fans are ecstatic after an epic win over QLD which secured the series for NSW for the first time in nine years. The game was a bit sloppy and unengaging, which was in stark contrast to the big and strong game previously played in QLD. But it didn't matter. In January I cheekily predicted that we would win the first game in QLD and that the series would be decided at home in NSW in game two. Therefore, my mates and I had booked our tickets and were there at the game. Finally the eight year losing streak came to an end, and even though some of it was a bit uneventful to watch, the finale was incredible.


Authors Photo – NSW beats QLD Game Two 2014

More in sport, the Socceroos stepped up with some courageous soccer on the world stage. Our young inexperienced team fought gallantly to almost pull off an upset against one of the big favourites to win the world cup. You may have not advanced past the group stage, but you did us proud boys. But now to the breaking news of change: two masive dumps are coming to Perisher.


Authors Photo – V8 Chairlift Perisher

If you're in two minds about going to the snow, the next week should decide for you. Today and tomorrow should see half a metre or more of snow falling across the Perisher Resort. This will be backed up by another strong system due Saturday. With blizzard conditions and high winds, it will no doubt take Perisher some time to open up its entire park, so be patient in gaining access to the pristine powder that will be on offer.

Snow Trip

In the meantime, last weekend we went on our first snow trip of the season. Even in average conditions, we had a great bloody time. Make the most out what we’ve got is a failsafe rule.


Authors Photo – On the road from Canberra to Perisher


We stayed at the Matterhorn in the Perisher valley. With exceptional staff, competitive prices, cosy entertainment areas and all your breakfast and dinner needs catered for, you're winning if you stay at the Matterhorn.

All of our needs were more than looked after without hesitation. We arrived early via the Ski Tube on Friday so we had to hide our bags for the day. The Manager was happy to let us put our gear in the lounging area whilst we went out for an early board.


Authors Photo – Matterhorn Lounging Area

The next morning I awoke to a boiling kettle and a strong coffee. With a Tim Tam packet of biscuits I indulged in a Tim Tam Slam – an Aussie tradition where you suck coffee through the biscuit and then eat it's melting goodness. Then we went down to enjoy a beautiful buffet breakfast.


Authors Photo – View from Matterhorn Dining Area

Of an evening we played pool, table tennis and played cards. We also went down to The Man From Snowy River Pub (known locally as "The Man") and drank in some local atmosphere. I’m always up for trying new things too, so with a leftover Tim Tam from the morning, I had a red wine Tim Tam Slam. It was actually good too.

Boarding Action

In Perisher you wake, board and retire to the sound of the Ravens. Their eerily sounding presence feels like a calling to the Egyptian Sun God – Ra. They compel you to match their energy on the mountain through their continued chanting; ra, ra, raaa.


Authors Photo – The Raven on the Cross

Our boarding action was unexceptional, but that’s to be expected pre-season. The V8 was the only area worth boarding last Friday, but the Quad Express Chair opened on Saturday and Sunday due to the calming of the winds. It was Groundhog Day, for three days. Over and over again we created new paths, refined our skills and expanded our tricks. It’s on trips like these that you appreciate the small things. For example, hitting a particular lip was always giving me grief and sitting me on my ass, but when I finally achieved my goal, success tasted sweet. With grassy patches in the middle of the V8 we were destined to go grassboarding. Finding ways to navigate around the dirt became an entertaining affair. Little creeks were begging to be jumped and icy flats dared you to run its gauntlet. No matter the little challenge, it gave purpose and fun to the day. Ultimately it’s all about having a good attitude. If you have a bad attitude, you’re going to have a bad time. This doesn’t just apply to the pre-season conditions, but all of life’s challenges and opportunities. Take the bad with the good and make some lemonade with the lemons. So this weekend was awesome. As per usual, the first board of the season always leaves you feeling sore. The combination of muscles that different sports use will always leave them dormant until actually doing that sport. So regardless of how prepared you are, you need to actually snowboard to cook up the specific muscle recipe. Better off getting this out of the way before the good snow arrives anyway.


Authors Photo – The Crew

The other factor that makes your trip - is who you trip with. Good mates equal good bloody times. Regardless if its work or play, the people around you make up half of your experience, so make sure you’re around the right people so you have a rad time when you go to Perisher. See you on the mountain, Phil & Crew…


Authors Photo – View from our room at Matterhorn

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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