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Let me just start by saying that an Australian Autumn kind of counts as summer too right? From our perspective there is plenty of adventure still in the tank before the snow hits the mountains.

P1050029 We have had a good summer of hiking, camping, and spearfishing. No matter what you are doing in the mountains or by the coast spending time there is just generally therapeutic. We have done a good few trips down to the snowy mountains in these greener months exploring some of the nooks and crannies of the Kosi National Park whilst doing some fly fishing (actually catching fish now – stoked!) and photography. I think after a few of these trips into the mountains we now realise that there just isn’t enough time to explore everywhere and develop a deep sense of what is in that place. You could spend a whole trip exploring one small valley that shoots off into another three or four. These trips have been quite relaxed which has made them really enjoyable; no deadlines no stress just us and an environment that is so raw and unique. We have also spent some time close to home in the Royal National Park. We are starting to know this place really well now; understanding where all the river systems link up and how to cut from one point to another by heading off the track for a good bushwhack. Developing this kind of knowledge makes a place feel like home, it is really quite awesome. We think everyone should explore and enjoy their ‘local’ often.

We have jumped in the water a few times both up and down the coast over in the hunt for fish. Despite a small window in November the conditions weren’t all that favourable for diving with bad visibility or poor sea conditions (it is always worth jumping in for a look around though). We were mostly looking for reef fish to put onto the table for a feed and have only taken a few pelagics with the biggest only being a 120cm/17kg Yellowtail Kingfish taken from our local waters off Cronulla. However, over the summer Harry has been working on his boat which is now finally seaworthy! A few of the boys recently shot up to Coffs Harbour to do some diving and spearfishing there. The conditions were awesome! The ocean was flat, the visibility was at times pushing 35m, there was no wind and the water was 28 degrees! However, the fish weren’t really ever running hot… We landed a few nice fish and got some really cool filming done out to sea so we will have a video of that for you really soon! DSC05863We have a bit still planned before we start thinking winter (personally I’m always thinking winter but that’s a story that can wait a few months!) which we will keep you updated on! Hopefully we can land that Marlin and make a video for you, it would be a pretty epic story that would just go to show how effectively and efficiently we can provide for ourselves in a sustainable way. If you want to follow the upcoming journeys or see what we are up to each week check us out on Instagram at @simple.livers or on YouTube and Facebook. If you are interested in a few of the things we have done in the past then head over to www.simplelivers.com! Keep living simply friends! Until then, Mitch and the SL crew. For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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