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Life has many rhythms. From your daily routine to your heartbeat. Circadian, lunar, solar, seasonal respirational, you name it. It’s the songs of life that make you tap your foot, grind your hips or throw your head back and laugh like a braying mule.
Rhythm, the snowsport shop, started almost on a whim and grew. Man, it grew. But behind the store is the rhythm of Rhythm. Winter is the mountains. Summer is the mountains, but it’s also the rivers, the coast, and the bush. In these places is where we come alive. Stand up to your knees in a river and feel the muscles on your face twitch into a smile. Feel the burn of really cold air in your throat as you catch your breath at the top of a snowy mountain. This is what gets us up in the morning and like junkies we chase the fix relentlessly.

This is what I want to share with you. Everything. Rhythm Life is just me sharing everything I can find that makes life good, exciting, delicious and even scary. Our Rhythm Smiggins manager Nonie has just bought her first really cool mountain bike so I’m going to talk to her about it. Our guru Mick is in Bali furthering his Yoga knowledge with the amazing Georgina Eve so I’m hitting them up when they get back. Our website manager Naomi has been to New Zealand testing for North Face and I want her opinion. My mate is harvesting his first crop of truffles so I am definitely going to tell you what that’s all about. Life is what happens all around us and I want to explore all its facets and share these with you.

Life is a mosaic of experiences and continued learning. As Bukowski said “find what you love and let it kill you”. For me that means letting it kill me in about 100 years. Hey, a guy can dream can’t he? Mostly because I’m finding more to love as I settle into this meat sack that carries me around. It’s going to be a great ride so come on.

Welcome to Rhythm Life.

Written by Stu Hodges. Look out for his new blog Rhythm Life published right here! Watch this space.

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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