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Diana from our customer service team is one of the kindest members of our team. Here's a little note from her on Steptemberat Rhythm Snowsports.

For years I have wanted to participate in Steptember, a fundraiser where you sign yourself up and accept the challenge of taking 10,000 steps a day for 28 days during the month of September, raising awareness and much needed funds for people living with Cerebral Palsy, people like my gorgeous Godson Jack.

Jack was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was just 2. He had serial casting for his lower legs to help lengthen his calf muscles and was then fitted with AFOs ( Ankle-Foot Orthosis) to help maintain the alignment that was gained during the serial casting process.

Between the age of 2 and 5, and with the help of CPA, Jack did Conductive education weekly in Sydney, speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy in Canberra and private physiotherapy in Queanbeyan NSW.

For the last 4 years, Jack has had occupational therapy, neurological feedback and sound therapy, with intense speech programs at CPA Jack is still considered non-verbal however with an assistive talk device for back up he is able to answer and ask simple questions.

Jack loves running, jumping and exploring, he also loves riding his horse and motorbike, playing his iPad, watching Horrible Histories and helping on the farm.

So, aside from wanting to become a little more healthy, this is why at the end of August I decided 2019 was the year I get my act together and register to join ‘Steptember’.

While I was signing up I was prepared to join by myself and hopefully raise $1000, I asked a few people in the office and I went from doing it myself to having 4 teams of 4 people! 10,000 is the minimum recommended amount of steps an active person should take per day. 

The average office worker - like some of us from Rhythm Snowsports – takes only 3000 steps per day so this was going to prove to be quite the challenge for some of us and it became quite the competition between us and so much fun.

Together we have stepped a total of 5,289,040 steps and raised $5125!I am super proud of the effort from all who participated and I’m sure next year will be even bigger!

On behalf of Rhythm Snowsports I would like to thank everyone who supported us and for the many generous donations we received.

For more information on Steptember head to their website, maybe your workplace, school or group can do it next year!