Snow Shoeing


What is it?     .

Footwear for walking over the snow. Snow Shoes work by distributing your weight over a larger surface area.  Your shoe slips onto a swivel plate that has 4 straps which go around your shoe. It is a great activity that tones the entire body, you decide on how ‘active’ you want the activity to be






We hire and sell MSR Denali Ascent, lightweight Snow Shoes that have metal teeth. There is a left and right in regards to the straps so that they do not flap against each other in the middle. There is no difference to the actual foot plate.
For those going Back Country we recommend taking the Snow Shoes that have a ‘heel kick’ which helps when climbing steeper terrain.







Waterproof, preferable leather. We hire out Alpina Boots to go with Snow Shoes. You can also wear Snowboard Boots, Scarpa and Garmont boots with the  snowshoes.






Adjustable Poles are advisable as you then have options with varying terrain, creeks and rocks



Where to go:  

At Perisher there is a designated Snow Shoe track called “Rock Creek” which is a leisurely 3km round trip.
Please do not take Snow Shoe on any groomed trail as they create a large print ‘hole’ across the track.
There are many areas around the Perisher and Selwyn region but you can basically take them anywhere you would normally go for a hike in the mountains.