Skate Skiing

What is it:      

The technique is similar to the look of an Ice Skater and thus the terminology.    The basic V Skate technique is the skier standing in a slight V position. The skier edges one ski to the inside edge and simultaneously pushes off that ski while driving out onto the other ski. Repeat in the other direction. This essential motion with the legs is the root of all the various V techniques used in Skating.  This technique is generally faster than the Classic technique and more commonly used today.



The skis have no scales and are lightweight. The height of the skis are the same as the height of the individual but may be shortened depending on the skill level of the individual. We have skis with either the Profile, Pilot or NNN binding system.  We carry Fischer, Madshus and Peltonen.



Lightweight with smaller baskets and the height is just below the ear.



Lightweight like a running shoe with a cross country attachment that clips into the ski binding. We have the Salomon Active 8 Pilot, the Salomon Combi Profile and NNN boots.


Where to go: 

Perisher Nordic Trails are groomed and well marked. There is a 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km and 10km loop.

There is a Nordic Shelter available to skiers using the trails. 

        Smiggins also have trails but they may not be groomed.

        There are also many recreational touring trails within the Perisher and Selwyn region depending on your skill level