Back Country

What is it?     

Skiing away from the resorts over ungroomed and unmarked terrain where the snow quality is variable. It relies on human power instead of lifts to get you up the hill. All ski touring has the common ability to free the heel for level and uphill travel. Your heel is free which allows a natural walking motion across a terrain ranging from flat to steep. However, it can be carried out using a variety of equipment.



As you are in remote areas that are not patrolled you need awareness in wilderness first aid, emergency camping, avalanche awareness and weather reading as conditions can change suddenly.



Cliffs, rocks, tree wells, weather and exhaustion to name a few.



Along with the Skis, Boots and Poles it is highly advisable to carry a first aid kit, emergency shelter, food and water, extra clothing and an EPIRB or SPOT.



Depending on your discipline the skis will either be an Alpine Touring Ski which does not have scales on the bottom and need Skins or Back Country Skis with cable bindings and scales on the bottom. We hire out Karhu Guide, Fischer 88 and Madshus Annum with Hammerhead bindings.



Skins are removable long strips of synthetic material (originally made from animal hides) and are attached to the base of the skis for uphill climbing. We carry Black Diamond and G3 Skins          






Generally a Scarpa T4 or Garmont Excursion




There are many sub disciplines including:

  • Light Touring
  • Telemark
  • Alpine Touring (Randonnee)



Where to go: 

Main Range of Australia has a great range of terrain to choose from. The popular access points are Dead Horse Gap near Thredbo, Guthega Power Station and Cabramurra.