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How to get your little one snow keen

Instilling the love of snow in their little heart is absolutely priceless in every way. Ignite the stoke!

Bianca Kelly, Rhythm Team member, snowboarder and mum of the beautiful Kai.

My partner and I love heading up to the hill and we knew once we had our little guy he was coming with us. We wanted to make sure it was a fun experience so that he wanted to keep coming back. Sunny days were the ones he loved the best. Getting 3 or 4 runs on the bunny hill, playing in the snow and tobogganing would usually tucker him out! When the snow gods provided and the weather came in, the day lodge was our best friend. Sitting by the windows watching daddy throwdown cab 1440 triples.

We made sure to pack all his favourite snacks and a change of clothes and some toys to keep him entertained while the other half of our team was shredding the gnar like no other. Parking near the toboggan area at Perisher meant we were close to the car if we needed to warm up/ change a nappy or take a nap.

We found all our gear- everything we needed at Rhythm.

My main worry was keeping him warm. As a rule of thumb, we always added one extra layer than what we were wearing. Layers are everything!! That way, if he was too hot we could just take something off.

Taking our little one to the snow at 1 year old was the best!

Bianca's top tips:

What to pack?

Sunscreen, snacks, toys, a change of clothes and a blanket.

What to hire?

Board, boots, onesie and toboggan.

What to buy?

Gloves, beanie, goggles, face mask, walking boots and socks.

This article featured in our 2022 Rhythm Magazine, explore more featured articles here!

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