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Giro Ledge

Written by Rhythm staff member and all round legend Kadee Laird.

"this helmet saved my live"

- Kadee Laird-

The Giro Ledge MIPS has a minimalist style design built for skiing and snowboarding in the park and all over the mountain! Featuring hard shell construction, ventilation, MIPS technology, removable ear pads and an adjustable fit.

I have been skiing since I could walk and had always worn a helmet, I haven't really had a huge fall to properly test out a helmet until this season just gone. I was skiing in Thredbo last season with the Rhythm crew when I hit a jump off balance and went head first into the landing. I was knocked out cold, but I was so lucky to be skiing with other people so they jumped straight into gear, kept me where I was, called ski patrol and tried to jog my memory.

After realising I didn't know what I had done all morning or what I had for breakfast they realised it was serious. With a few little cuts on my face all I wanted to do was keep skiing. I said "oh I'll be fine let's keep skiing!" but they wouldn't have a bar of it. Once ski patrol arrived I was not remembering any of what they were asking me and was constantly 'fishbowling' and asking the same questions I had already gotten answers to.

My condition was not improving in the medical centre and I was ben bound for a couple of weeks. It was even longer before I could return to skiing or driving. Even now, over 6 months later, my attention span and short term memory isn't great. Plus sometimes my brain can't put words together, but it could have been so much worse if I wasn't wearing this helmet with MIPS technology! After a fall, replacing your helmet is vital, so I went and bought the same one!

After a fall, replacing your helmet is vital; So i went and bought the same one!

It doesn't have to be an expensive helmet to help save your brain! Anything with MIPS technology is what you need to protect yourself. Helmets consist of an outer layer shell, likely made up of plastic, underneath that there are layers of foam designed to assist in the absorption from impact. Below that MIPS is an added safety system which is intended to help reduce rotational force to the head during impact, therefore avoiding the risk of the brain moving or stretching at the initial impact.

Kadee's tips for a safe day on the slopes:

  • Grab yourself a helmet that features MIPS technology
  • Save the ski patrol's emergency contact number on your phone
  • Ski safely with a group of friends that will have your back in an emergency situation

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Ledge MIPS Helmet

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