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Snowboarding gloves need reinforced fingers and palms, ideally leather or rubber. This is because boarders are doing bindings up at every run, often leaning on their hands a lot, and are generally harder on their gloves then skiers. When picking gloves you don’t want your gloves skin tight, you want a little bit of room at the end of your fingertips. Because ultimately it is the air trapped in your gloves that insulates you, so if your glove is really tight you’ll end up being colder (same goes with your boots). The more expensive the glove doesn’t necessarily mean more waterproof but it means more breathable, therefore a more regulated temperature and less chance of sweating which wets the inside of your glove, of course meaning dry warm hands. Here are some examples of reliable gloves from high end to cheaper: Burton Yeti $179.95 The Burton Yeti is a high-end glove made from Gore-tex and leather combined making the Yeti glove highly breathable and warm. Burton have made this glove remembering that snowboarders are often doing things like digging that needs extra dexterity and grip, with this is mind they have made the Yeti with Pittards Oiltac Leather Palm with Microvent maintaining a reservoir within the leather to continuously hold grip. They are an under the sleeve glove with extended cuff. Other features include the Screen Grab thumb and index finger so you can use your smartphone without taking your glove off. The Burton Yeti is a really awesome glove that is flexible enough that you don’t need to take your gloves off as often and they are reliable in those harsher conditions. 10297101002_1 Burton Gore $109.95 The perfect all rounder is the Burton Gore it comes in gloves or mitts, ladies or mens, over the sleeve or under the sleeve. It is insulated already but comes with extra liners. There is a Screen Grab function so you can use it with your smartphone. The Gore also has a nose wiper and goggle wiper built in and has a zip on top of the hand which can be used for a vent if you over heat or a pocket for your hand warmers or lift pass. The main thing though is that it is a gore-tex material so you know you are getting the most trusted waterproofing and breathability on the market. One other feature is the wrist attachments so when you’re using your gloves you won’t lose them. Gore gloves Pow Warner GTX $89.95 Featuring Thinsulate insulation and Gore-tex material the Pow Warner GTX is good for snowboarding, it has nose wipe and goggle squeegee and comes in under and over the sleeve. Unlike the Burton Gore they don’t have the pocket, the extra liners, or wrist attachments. For under $100 this is a solid glove. POW Warner GTX Burton Profile $59.95 Insulated glove, made from generic waterproof breathable insert. Nose and goggle wiper, screen grab function. Wrist attachments. Comes in glove or mitt, over or under the sleeve, mens and ladies. The Burton Profile is a basic glove that will keep you warm and dry in most conditions. Not designed for heavy use in wet conditions. But for the price tag they are a good glove from a reliable brand. profile The more expensive the glove doesn’t necessarily mean more waterproof but it means more breathable, therefore a more regulated temperature and less chance of sweating and wetting the inside of your glove which of course means dry warm hands. Skiers can wear snowboarding gloves and mitts, they just need something with enough dexterity to be able to hold their poles. IMG_1309 For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

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