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Product of the week: Oyuki Base Layers Oyuki Oyuki products are designed and tested in Niseko, Japan. They believe it’s hard to improve on nature, which is why their base layer thermals are made with 100% premium quality Australian Merino wool to keep people warm in the toughest conditions. “So, simply by utilising what nature has already perfected, we've created thermals that are guaranteed to keep you warmer, more comfortable and on the mountain longer.” Merino wool is perfect for a base layer in any conditions, it can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture vapour and still feel dry to touch, meaning that water (sweat) is drawn away from your skin this helps with temperature and odour control. Base layers made from other materials such as cotton are not as effective in regulating body temperature because cotton has no thermal qualities, once cotton gets wet it stays wet. Merino dries really fast, even if you have worn it you can wash it and it will be dry to wear the next day. There are other brands that make base layer thermals from Merino wool but Oyuki’s fabric is made from extremely fine fibres that are springier than other wool fibres which means Oyuki woollen products aren’t scratchy on your skin like a lot of wool products can be. One more small but satisfying benefit of the Oyuki base layer is the thumb hole on the sleeves Oyuki is a brand that is tried and tested in Japan’s roughest conditions to ensure that their products stand up to the Australian conditions which are some of the most unpredictable, the Oyuki base layers should be worn to the snow regardless of the conditions or forecast. Oyuki Base Layers For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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