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This system redefines the previous Split 30 system by modifying some aspects in order to improve the performance and decrease the time in transitions from touring to riding mode. To design and build this completely new system Karakoram have drawn from their years of experience developing splitboarding bindings. They have improved their bindings by looking for a more efficient and quicker change over from riding to touring mode. A big lever under the heelcup replaces the small lever on the side of the binding of the previous Split 30 model, while it also gives a tighter connection to the board with also four contact points. Carbon-Ride-Stride-1 "The ultimate go to binding for the most elite snowboarders in the world. Whether you ride spines in AK, couloirs in the Arctic Circle, or your favourite powder stash in your backyard, the Prime Carbon will keep you grinning from ear to ear. Weighing in at less than 700 grams you will be cruising up with ease while slaying everything in front of you on the way down!" The heels have been improved too to make them wider and easier to set with the pole, while the new system offers a heel lock too just using the back lever. The base is completely different, it still features four contact points, but now it’s easier to adjust the stance and it’s thinner for better transmission to the board. The new Prime system features a lever on the back of the binding that tightens the binding in riding mode, while it also locks the heel if you need to skate ski in rolling terrain. The heel risers has been also redesigned so they are easier to reach with the basket of your pole, and at the same time they are wider for improved performance when traversing since there are more contact points. The new Prime system offers a superior board-binding connection that feels like riding a solid board. Specifications:
  • Includes: Bindings, Ride Mode, Tour Mode w/ heel lockdown
  • Binding Weight: 675g per side (medium binding)***
  • Stack Height: 14.5mm (.57 in)
  • Materials: Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Dupont Zytel ST
  • Change Over Time: less than 2 minutes (includes removing skins, collapsing poles, packing gear)
  • Removal of splitboard bindings not required to change from snowboard to skis
  • No loose parts or pins
  • Mounting: existing production splitboard bindings hole pattern or use DIY mounting template
  • Karakoram board clips recommended

To see how the bindings work check out this video:

https://vimeo.com/85665497 For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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