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The Best Ski jackets

 2024 Snow GUIDEs

When you’re heading up the hill early in the morning, having the right ski jacket will make your life much easier. Not to mention how grateful you will be when the weather comes in, and you’re still warm and dry. Having dealt with an array of less-than-ideal jackets, we can firmly say that a good one is worth every cent of the investment. A good ski jacket should, quite simply, do its job. It needs to keep you warm, but not too warm, and dry, have plenty of handy pockets and fit well so that you aren’t hindered by it.

There are heaps of great ski jackets on the market today, so we’re confident that no matter what shape, style, brand or design you’re looking for, it’s somewhere out there.
The advances in tech and materials undoubtedly mean more options and better jackets, but it also means that there is a lot of jacket jargon to wade through. If you don’t know your GSM from your GORE-TEX, or you simply need a recommendation, this is the article for you.

Our resident ski expert, Meghan, has picked out the best jackets for 2024. This is what our team hope to be shredding in this Winter.

Top woMens snowboard jackets

Best all-rounder: Oyuki nimi yama pro 3l

Oyuki are known for being uncompromising when it comes to quality and style and the Nimi Yama is no exception. This versatile jacket is ideal for resorts, hitting the park or even heading on short backcountry trips. With 20K waterproof and 20K breathability ratings, plus Oyuki’s renowned Always Dry fabric, you’re set for whatever the weather throws at you. At under $800 RRP, it’s one of the best-value women’s ski jackets out there too.

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $784.95

Sale Off
Nimi Yama Pro 3L Ski Jacket - Womens

If you never quite know where your day will take you, the Mammut Eiger is the ideal partner. Designed with free-riding and touring in mind, the jacket was developed in collaboration with professional athletes Jeremie Heitz and Nadine Wallner, and offers great freedom of movement and reliable protection for whatever the terrain throws at you. This jacket is a true performance work-horse - perfect for a full, long-day in the snow. There’s a unisex/ men’s cut as well as the women’s option featured here

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $1299.95


For those who feel the cold or are expecting arctic conditions, the Sentinel is a great option. In addition to its three-layer GORE-Tex construction, it’s been cut to allow maximum movement, even with layers, without being baggy. We particularly love the pairing with the matching Storm Glow pant
Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $1299.95

Sale Off
Sentinel Ski Jacket - Womens

Stylish all-rounder: the north face dragline

The Shraplist features groundbreaking, body-mapped GORE-TEX PRO fabric, with different fabrics on the arms vs torso to aid temperature regulation. Regardless of the conditions - extreme winds or pounding snow - you’ll be dry and ready to take on run after run. When you want to be 100% focused on your board, pushing your limits, this is the ideal jacket.

Price: $800.00

Sale Off
Dragline Ski Jacket - Womens

If you’re searching for a bargain snowboard jacket, the L1 Hastings is worth your attention. It has a classic cut to keep you stylish season after season with excellent breathability and waterproofing.

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $349.00

Sale Off
Alphelia Lifaloft Ski Jacket - Womens

With the rise in prices for ski jackets its refreshing to see a premium brand like Oakley offering a cheaper jacket which still works like expected including snowskirts and adjustable hood without comprimising on style. 

Breathability rating: 10k +

Waterproof rating: 10k +

Price: $1,299.99

Sale Off
Holly Anorak - Womens

Top men’s Ski Jackets

Best Budget Option: Picture Nalkoon Jacket

Our budget women’s jacket pick is the DC Cruiser. With bold prints and colour block options, it’s stylish, practical and well-thought-through. The durable fabric is breathable and waterproof, making it a solid choice for new snowboarders or those looking for a cheaper jacket. There’s a powder skirt, adjustable hood and waist gaiter to give you a good fit.

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $599.95

Sale Off
Naikoon Ski Jacket

Most Insulated: Burton AK Flare Gore-Tex

For those who get cold on the hill, the AK Flare is a real winner. It has top-of-the-range insulation strategically placed to prevent a puffy profile and allow for maximum movement. Alongside the features you’d expect from a Burton snowboard jacket, it has a cohesive cord lock and pull cord at the hood and an adjustable neck gasket cinch so you can get a nice close fit when wearing a neck gaiter or clava. This is the ideal jacket for those really cold days, guaranteed to keep you snug wherever you’re headed.

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $999.99

Best Bang For Buck/ Stretchiest: Atlas Snowboard Jacket

The stretchiest snowboard jacket might sound like a slightly odd category but the profile of L1’s Atlas is worth calling out. The three-layer stretch NOVA.TECH fabric has been combined into a pullover anorak, resulting in a stylish, functional and protective option. It has a slightly longer silhouette than a traditional snowboard anorak with a jacket to pant snap away powder skirt to keep the snow out. The team at L1 have thought the jacket through perfectly, with softer chin and neck guards for comfort all day long. You’re getting a lot for your money with the Atlast, so it’s our best bang for the buck women’s jacket too.

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $529.99

Sale Off
Atlas Snowboard Jacket - Womens

Backcountry: Burton AK Tusk

Made with splitboarders in mind, our backcountry women’s jacket has the perfect balance of comfort and movement. The GORE-TEX fabric gives the ultimate breathability, durability, and weather protection. With zip vents, internal abrasion-resistant tape, and a range of well-thought-through features, the Tusk is your go-to for high-intensity activities in any condition.

It’s eco-conscious too using bluesign-approved materials.

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $1,199.99

Top kids Snowboard Jackets

Hitting the snow with the groms is awesome until they get cold or wet. The Burton Powline combines the best Burton adult jacket features into a kid's version, designed to keep them warm, dry and riding longer. It has two-layer GORE-TEX with top notch breathability and waterproofness, protecting them from the rain, snow and wind. The insulation might be lightweight but certainly not lacking, so even in ice-cold conditions they’ll be toasty warm.

Breathability rating: 20k +

Waterproof rating: 20k +

Price: $449.99

One of the coolest kids jackets on the market, it’s also incredibly well-priced. Waterproof, water-repellant, breathable and stylish, the Side Hit is designed for use all season long and features eco-conscious recycled materials for extra bonus points. It has a modern, slimmer fit that teens will love too.

Breathability rating: 10k +

Waterproof rating: 10k +

Price: $229.99

Sale Off
Side Hit Snowboard Jacket - Kids

We stock heaps of snowboard jackets at Rhythm, and get all kinds of questions about them. Here are a few common questions to help you on your search:

What is the best material for snowboard jackets?

There is no “best material” for snowboard jackets. While many people tout Gore-tex as the king - and it is extremely waterproof, breathable and durable - there are heaps of other materials that are highly waterproof and breathable. Gore-tex is a brand, not a thing (think of Bandaids or Hoover). Sympatex, H2No, Futurelight and Pertex are just a few of the other fabric you should watch out for. Check the waterproof and breathability ratings of your future jacket, and don’t forget to read the reviews as these can be invaluable.

What waterproof rating should a snowboard jacket be?

The waterproof rating of your jacket will depend on the person wearing the jacket, and what you’re planning to do! Most product labels will have two numbers that represent the waterproofing and breathability (eg. 10 000/10 000 or sometimes shown as 10k/10k). You can find outwear with waterproof ratings as little as 5000 and as high as 45000+. This number represents the amount of water (in mm) that the jacket can take on before leaking. We could write an entire article on waterproofing but to put it simply, the higher the number, the more waterproof/breathable it will be.

If you are someone who likes being out on the hill all day but heads to the pub when bad weather rolls in, a 10k jacket will be fine. If you are someone that will ride - rain, hail or blizzard - 20k or higher will be able to withstand the elements for longer.

Remember, the higher the number, the more water resistant! That said, compared to the dry fluffy flakes you find overseas, Australia has very wet snow. So if you’re mainly riding in Aus resorts, keep that in mind when looking for your next jacket.

What are the top snowboard jacket styles for 2024?

Lightweight, shell Jackets (jackets without much insulation) are becoming more popular as they are much better for layering and can be worn all season long. They will generally have higher waterproof ratings and are extremely lightweight and packable. Retro jackets with zip-off hoods and more relaxed streetwear styles are making a comeback too.

In terms of colours, prints are set to be big for 2024. The more out there and lairy, the better. Hats off to you if you can rock the full matching set!

What style of jacket is best for snowboarding? Over the head vs zip up

Again, this will depend on each individual. The benefit of having a full zip jacket is that when you overheat, you can open it right up to get an instant bit of relief. Anorak or over-the-head jackets can feel a little cosier, like wearing a waterproof hoodie.

What GSM should a snowboard jacket be?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and in terms of outerwear for Skiing and Snowboarding, this refers to the amount of insulation. The higher the number, the more insulation and the warmer it will be. With a highly insulated jacket, depending on how susceptible you are to the cold, you will not need to add many layers underneath. Jackets with little to no insulation you will need to wear more layers depending on the weather.

More questions? Check out our handy Jacket Buying Guide or get in touch with the team who will get you on track.

We have heaps more tips on your Snow Gear across our socials too.
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