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Whether you're looking for your first or 50th snowboard jacket the options are endless and finding a jacket that meets your needs can be hard. We've listed a few things to think about when searching our website.

Fit - Are you looking for a relaxed, baggy or a slim fitted jacket? Think about how much room you need to move your arms when you are snowboarding. Some jackets include features like a drop tail (think extra warmth on the chair) or a tailored fit which contours your body. You also want to think about what layers you are going to wear underneath and how much room you need for your thermals or mid-layer.

Features - Do you need a pass pocket, somewhere to stash your tunes, insulation for cold days or you're out there rain hail or shine so you need the best materials to keep you from first lifts to last? All these features are available and they can impact on your budget so think about whats important to you and use the filters on the left to find the products which, meet your needs

Price - It's important to know if your budget or needs are the most important. We have a massive selection of premium Gore-Tex type fabrics which will keep you dry but you can also still get high waterproofing and breathability in some of our more affordable range. You can also reach out to us for help and advice, our staff love to geek out on equipment so dont be afraid to ask, we will help you out!

Can't pick what jacket you like?
Rest assured. We have something for absolutely everybody, select a few jackets you like, purchase them online and then return what doesn't suit or contact us to help you find the perfect fit


Chest Circumference - With the jacket zipped up, measure the distance straight across the chest, then double the number.

Bottom Hem Circumference - With the jacket zipped up, measure the width of the jacket at the lowest point, then double the number.

Sleeve Length - Measure from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. If you don't see an obvious shoulder seam, measure from the neckline.

Body Length - The length of the jacket from the high point of the shoulder to the bottom hem.


Having a garment that breathes is important in keeping you dry and warm. The breathability rating number indicates how much water vapour can go through the fabric over a period of time. If you are the sort of person that tends to heat up quickly, perspire a lot or a hard skier then a garment with a high breathability rating is just for you. You should look at something in the 15k to 20k range. This rating is among the highest of ski brands ratings.

A high breathability rating is also a good factor to consider if you are cross country skiing, skiing out the back or hiking as you will be working really hard and getting your heart rate at a high level causing you to become quite warm.


Waterproofing rating is obviously important on those wet days. If you are the person who will ski in anything, rain, hail or shine then you should be looking at a garment with 20,000+ waterproofing rating. This is the highest rating amongst ski and snowboard brands.

You should also consider what level or ability skier or snowboarder you are, as Australian ski conditions are extremely wet in comparison to the northern hemisphere if you may be falling over or sitting in the snow after a stack then a jacket that is not going to penetrate the water as easily would be good. Also consider this for children.

If you are someone who really only loves those blue bird days then something in the lower range of 5,000mm to 8,000mm is ok for you.

Waterproof Rating* Explanation

0 – 5,000mm

OK in light rain or dry snow

6,000 – 10,000mm

OK in light rain or light snowfall

11,000 – 15,000mm

OK under steady downpour, and wet snow

16,000 – 20,000mm

Ok under heavy rain and wet snow

20000 + mm

Ok under very high pressure rain and wet heavy snow


Critically taped or Seam Sealed?

Critically seam sealed products, in addition to being made of waterproof materials, have waterproof seams on the most exposed parts of the product ( think shoulders, back and front for jacketss). Fully seam sealed items have waterproof seams along the entire inseam of the product so they seal water out completely helping you stay dryer for longer