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Whether your camping in Summer or Winter there are a few items you can take to add a little bit of comfort to your trip. These are some of our favourite items, my personal favourite is the Lander Lanterns, a small light and a charger for the essential items - your speaker!

Helinox Chair $209.99

Whatever kind of camping you’re doing this chair will make your time a little bit better. It folds up so small and is so lightweight but hasn’t compromised on comfort. Packs to a tiny 47cm x 14cm weighing less than 1.5kg. Say goodbye to bulking chairs.

Skullcandy Barricade portable speaker $119.95

Who doesn’t love having music everywhere all the time! The Skullcandy Barricade BT speaker is great to have in your kit because it is impact-resistance, buoyant and waterproof to 3 feet. So basically its camping proof! Weighs ½ kilo and battery lasts for 8 hours.

Lander Cairn Lantern $59.95 – 79.95

So you need a lantern for your tent but how about a lantern that also charges your other devices? Handy. It's attached to a handy nylon cord that is reflective so you can hang it off your bag or tent.

Light my Fire Firesteel 2.0 Scout $19.99

The lighter isn't working, no other way to start a fire? This handy little thing doesn’t require any fuel, works at all altitudes and doubles as a safety whistle. No need to buy a lighter every time you go camping now.

Black Diamond Headtorch $46.99 - $159.99

There are so many head torches to pick from. Having any head torch means you’re winning. But Black Diamond is a leader in outdoor equipment so you may as well get a trusted one so you’re not left in the dark (see what we did there).

Hydro Flask Cooler Cup $39.99

Stubby holder meetscamp cup. Whether you’re drinking a stubby or having a cuppa you only need thisone Hydro Flask cup. It has a silicone sleeve that will hold your can or bottlein or take it off and you’ve got a cup to keep your drinks hot or cold. Brilliant.

Camping is an all year round activity when you've got the right gear. Check out these and other products at rhythm.com.au.

Posted by Naomi Nevin on

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