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Goggle technology gets better and better every year. Some of the highlights from this year include: Zeal - Base HD2 V4 The Zeal Base HD2 V4 features a point of view camera which can wirelessly transfer and connect videos and photos to your phone. The camera is capable of 12mb high definition photos, 1080p and 720p HD quality videos, 170 degree wide angle and will automatically adjust for light and focus. And the best thing about it – instant replay. Zeal Electric - EG3 The EG3 features the Electric Press SEAL System, which makes changing lenses incredibly easy without compromising the airtight seal from lens to frame. This brand new technology is very exciting; change in conditions can be adjusted for very quick and easily. Electric Oakley – Flight Deck Prizm Prizm is a technology that Oakley has been working on for 15 years. They have done light colour research to find out how the eye responds to certain colours. They have come up with a formula which penetrates the eye at a higher transmission which is the rose coloured lens that you see in all Prizm lenses. This lens increases contrast and visual clarity. Oakley 2 Oakley – Airwave The Oakley Airwave goggle takes technology to a whole new meaning. The capabilities of this goggle include:
  • Performance stats eg. Max speed, total vertical and max air run by run, for the whole day or for the whole season!
  • Measure and track the number of jumps and airtime
  • Pinpoint your navigation on a resort map
  • Track friends that also have the Oakley Airwave goggle or app on their smartphone
  • Smart phone connectivity which means controlling your music
The lens gives a display perceived to be the size of a 14-inch screen viewed from a distance of 5 feet.

Oakley Airwave

Dragon APX2 The Dragon APX2 has a switch lock interchangeable lens system where you lift two levers up and the lens easily pops out and can be changed. Dragon Nike – Transition Khyber The Nike Transition Khyber features a lens that adapts to the change in light conditions meaning only one lens needs to be taken up the mountain with you. The lens automatically darkens or lightens its tint level so you can see better. Nike Vonzipper – Jet Pack The Von Zipper Jet Pack goggle contains the latest lens swapping technology; Von Zipper 4play technology is very user friendly. It is like taking a photo with both of your hands on top of your goggles and the lens comes out – super easy, super efficient. Von Zipper Anon – M2 Anon’s M2 goggle features Magna-Tech technology which integrates 16 rare-earth magnets into the carrier liner for eight points of connection delivering implacable retention coupled with self-aligning engagement. Swapping lenses is now easier with this magnetic technology. Anon 2 Aurora’s Top 5! Aurora is our goggles expert, so we thought we’d see what her favourite goggles to take up the hill are:
  1. Oakley - Flight Deck with a prizm lens “wide peripherals and they make you look like a fighter pilot”
  2. Dragon - APX Boost Transitions “the lens changes colour to adjust to the light conditions – what more could you ask for”
  3. Smith - I/O “They fit just about any helmet and their straps are the best, they are really colourful”
  4. Electric - EG2 “I just like that they are big and framed”
  5. Sontimer – LTD “Got me through 2 seasons in Japan, they’re my go to goggle”
For more tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch: facebook/rhythmsnowsports instagram: @rhythmsnowsports twitter: @rhythmsnowsport

Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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