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Thermal underwear is no longer that hidden part of your ski get up nor is it really underwear anymore. It is designed to be worn under your ski gear but looks good enough to wear on its own as an inside/resort style piece.

Choosing the right thermal top

Lets start with the different fabric/material

Firstly there's wool, Ideally the best option for your first layer on the skin, wool is a natural fiber so you're winning already. Wool is great at regulating body temperature, moisture wicking, breathable and the best part is they can be worn for quite some time before washing without getting stinky, therefore a great travel piece. Initial investment is higher however the overall performance and lifetime of the garment exceeds that of synthetic fabrics. Wool technology has come a long way, no longer are wool products out there that are “itchy”. Wool can become very heavy when wet but still keep you warm.

Then there are Synthetic options like Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon. Synthetic thermals are often a cheaper option and an alternative for people that may not like the feeling of wool. BUT need washing almost every time as they get very smelly amongst sweat. Synthetic thermals are also moister wicking, breathable and warm.

There are also fabric blends, Wool thermals often have a blend of other fabrics in them to help with the structure and stretch components. A great option for those looking for the best of both worlds

What is the weight all about?      

Our thermals come in different weights for your individual needs. The most common being a 200gm weight. This is the most versatile for Australian conditions and can be layered up for overseas travel. When you go into heavier fabric weights the thermal can act as both your base layer and mid layer or just a beefier base layer for either colder conditions or someone who may really feel the cold. Something to remember when purchasing thermals…They may not seem to look or feel thick/warm but that’s the beauty of their technology and fabrics. If you layer on top of your thermal/ base layer properly you can be on the mountain all day whether in Australia or deep pow in japan.

Our Picks

Our retail teams top picks are the Le bent base layer in 200gm. The wool/bamboo combo means you get all of the features of the wool like moisture wicking, warmth, unwanted odors (because who has time to wash) and the bamboo creates such a beautiful soft hand feel.

Oyuki Hitatech thermal which is our favourite synthetic option. Super warm and superb moister wicking properties with four way stretch fabric and chafe free seams.