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Aside from some really cool prints and beautiful feeling socks…. Lets look at what makes a good quality ski sock.


For a fitted ski boot, a thin wool or bamboo sock is recommended, and that there are minimal seams to avoid cutting circulation. It is important to understand that cold feet are not caused by thin socks, in fact if you have good blood circulation and a thin ski sock you should have warm feet all day. Ski sock sizing is relative to shoe sizing so be sure to follow the sizing guide given buy the sock brand to get the right fit.


Merino wool and Bamboo are natural fibers and wick moisture very effectively. They also have a natural resilience to foot smell.
Synthetic socks are made from materials like nylon, acrylic, and polyester. These materials specialize in thermal control and comfort. Synthetic socks are also successful at wicking moisture. Wool and synthetic blend, this blend achieves the best aspects of synthetic and wool socks. In reality, most socks are a blend to some extent.

Can i just double up my socks?

Although it is tempting to think if putting on an additional pair of socks will keep you warmer, this may not be true as more pressure inside your boot will increase the likelihood of your circulation being cut off – leaving you with colder feet and toes!

We recommend looking for a specifically designed ski sock that is thin, woolen or bamboo blend, seamless, with spandex or elastane for stretch and added comfort.  If you're in the market for a technical sock, check that it has ergonomic compression bands or at a minimum instep support with mesh ventilation.

If you are heading to the mountain for a bit of snow-play and just want your feet to be as warm as possible in your apres boots we recommend a thick wool sock.